“Product” Review – Delta Airlines


So I wrote this MONTHS ago and just never posted it.  I thought about just not posting it but that’s not really fair to the Delta customer service department.  I mean, they did impress me enough to write this thing in the first place (and my opinion still stands) so I figure I should go ahead and post it).

Here goes…

So the other day when I got home there was a message on the home answering machine stating that our itinerary for our trip to Lake Tahoe had been changed (the flight part).  Apparently what was a 1 stop flight from Houston to Reno became a 2 stop flight.  Well, no offense but I don’t really want to hang out in multiple cities, neither of which are my final destination.  So, I checked Delta’s website to see what could be done.  Turns out, if a change in the schedule of the flight pushes back your final arrival time by more than an hour you can change your flight at no cost.  So, I hopped over to the reservations section and found a flight that only had one layover and will get us there even BEFORE our original arrival time.  I gave Delta Customer Service a ring to tell them what was up and within 5 minutes (and zero hassle) they had the hubs and I on the new flight of our choosing.  Whoo hoo!  Score 1 for Delta Customer Service.  I’m impressed.


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