Get Moving

The company that my mom works for gets this nifty newsletter called Business Digest every day.  Sometimes when she reads it if she finds something she thinks I’d be interested in she’ll pass it along.  Here was an installment from a few months ago that really struck a chord with me:

If you find yourself mired in a difficult issue, struggling to come up with a decision, why not go about “choosing” instead?  Make the best choice you can toward the desired outcome.  “Ready, fire, steer” is the operative concept.  No matter where you are, there’s always a next step.  And, much as with driving a car, once you get something moving, it’s a whole lot easier to steer.  Of course, you do need to know something about your destination, or you’ll just be driving in circles.  Endless meetings with the aim of arriving at a perfect decision are a lot like driving in circles.  The workaround if you get stuck trying to make a decision, is to let go of the need to get it right or perfect, and instead just get it moving. 
(I believe that Business Digest got this from Workarounds that Work)

Does anybody else struggle with this besides me?  I find that I frequently have a hard time getting started on something until I can see the perfect end and every step it’s going to take to get there between now and then.  This, in turn, means that there are a lot of things I just don’t start.  I remember reading something on Pinterest the other day, here’s what it said:

Granted this is in reference to working out, but it’s true in life as well.  Pick a direction, and head towards it.  Even if it’s the wrong direction at least you’re not becoming stagnant.


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