Living Room – The Plan

So I mentioned the other day that we had some new additions to our Master Bedroom.  We’ve also started working on the furniture and accessories for our Living Room.

Here’s a REALLY rough drawing of the living room layout.  No laughing at my awful drawing skills.

We (and by ‘we’ I mean my mom) purchased two of these Addyson Chairs from Pier 1.  They’ll face the couch and there will be some sort of small side table in between the two.   

We also purchased this Chasca Coffee Table from Pier 1.  It’ll go in front of the couch. 

The third and final thing we purchased from Pier 1 is this Cosmopolitan Wall Panel.  The picture does not do this thing justice.  In fact, this picture is ugly.  Trust me, what we bought isn’t ugly.  It’s part wood and part mirror.  The parts below that look grey and orange are really wood slats that are painted silver and gold.  The white parts below are actually mirrors.  It’s really freaking cool looking in real life.  And we got a steal of a deal because some of the mirrors are missing.  We are fairly certain we can either replace those ourselves or have it done at the local mirror shop for pennies on the dollar. 

Where I’m really getting stuck is the rug.  I just can’t decide what I want.  Do I want a pattern?  Something solid?  I just don’t know!  Here are a few that I like:

Verona Rahni Grey Zebra Rug

Or what about this Peacock rug by Nourison.  I think it’s probably too much for this room though.  We’re trying to keep it pretty neutral in there. 

Or we might go for something really muted such as this Indochine Rug in Platinum from Z Gallerie.

We have an absolutely HUGE cream colored couch that we’d like to use if for no other reason than saving money.  This is not the couch but it’s the approximation of its color as well as our floor color (we have cream tile that’s actually about the same shade as the couch in this photo).

Lastly, my husband also fell in love with my mom’s wingback chairs and has “demanded” one of his own.  Every man should have his Man Chair so in order to oblige, we’re seriously considering this Gramercy Wingback from Pottery Barn:

What do you think?  Will it all come together?


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