Window Shopping Wednesday – Bummer Baskets

Have you ever had a bad day?

Of course you have.

We all have.

Have you seen a movie called Failure to Launch?

If you haven’t (or if you have and you need a refresher) there’s a scene in the movie where the main female character fakes owning a dog that’s dying (not really her dog and he’s not really dying).  Her boyfriend takes her out paintballing in an effort to console her.  The girls’ best friend later asks her ‘well, are you over your dead golden retriever?’ and she responds by saying ‘you know, if I really had a dog and he really had died, I totally think this would have helped.’

Well – this post isn’t about dying, or dogs, or paintballing, but it is about those strangely weird things that have the ability to perk us up when something shitty happens… you know, like a breakup, or the death of a beloved pet, or a tree falling on your house… whatever.

Enter… Bummer Baskets

Seriously guys – these are goodie baskets to help cheer you up when something sucky happens.  I think this is a great (albeit hysterical) idea and let’s face it – wouldn’t they make you smile if you were having a bad day?

My favorite option is the Build Your Own Basket.  You can include things such as the following:

For the girl/guy on the rebound (sorry mom, but it is kinda funny).  Bummer Condoms

Emergency Chocolate Bar (let’s face it – we all need this from time to time)

Where was this stuff when I was single?  Nail Polish in Loser Repellant

There’s also several options for Bummer Barware – personally I like the ‘Here’s to Happy Bubbles’ champagne flutes.  You need to include a bottle of champagne though.

Make sure you write the recipient a note on one of the Bummer Cards.  I like the Sinking Ship card.

So – the next time someone you’re close to has something crappy happen to them you know where to go to get something to cheer them up.

Happy shopping!


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