Window Shopping Wednesday –

So it’s about that time.  The holidays are upon us and that means lots and lots of parties to attend and throw.  Also, you’ve got to get your Christmas cards out!  Today I’m featuring this wonderful shop called – they’re filled with all sorts of paper goodies to get you through the holiday season.

This weeks featured shop:

I love the idea of sending out Thanksgiving cards.  You could also use these as invitations to your Thanksgiving dinner.

Did you have a baby this year?  They’ve got several cards just for you!

Get married this year?  There’s cards for you too!

Have fur-babies instead of real babies?

Want to feature the entire family?

Are you a fun-loving, quirky couple?

Crappy photography skills?  They have lots of cards without photos!

If you happen to get engaged over this holiday season they also have tons of invitations, cards, etc to help you out with your Big Day!

I’m a total sucker for save-the-date cards in postcard version.  I don’t know if I could pick between these two.

I love these thank you notes – they’re versatile (don’t look all wedding-y and you could reuse them any time).

Thanks for shopping with me today!


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