Restaurant Review: The Buffalo Grille

So this past weekend my husbands mom and stepdad came in town and we got a chance to hang out with them for a day or so.  Saturday night we grabbed dinner at a place called The Buffalo Grille (the location on Voss).  About two years ago we’d purchased a gift card to this establishment but we hadn’t actually used it yet (good thing these babies don’t expire!).  So – we decided to go ahead and use it up. 

I’ve eaten at The Buffalo Grille several times but only for breakfast.  What I can tell you is that their breakfast rocks.  If you want to have great weekend breakfast this is totally the place to go. 

That being said – their dinner was lacking a bit unfortunately.  I had the chicken quesadillas with a side of their Mexican-style mac ‘n cheese.  The quesadillas were lacking in the ‘queso’ department and the chicken was a tad bit over cooked.  Strangely enough, the rice was a tad bit UNDER cooked and still crunchy.  Their beans were very tasty though.  The mac ‘n cheese didn’t exactly win me over but it was pretty good. 

Both my husband and his stepdad had the chicken fried steak with a side of mashed potatoes and red beans and rice.  Both of them said the chicken fried steak was ‘meh’ and that the red beans and rice was definitely lacking (they wanted something more Louisiana-ish and it was literally just white rice w/ red beans).  There was no mention about how the mashed potatoes were.

My MIL had their grilled chicken plate with steamed broccoli and squash.  She said the chicken was quite good and I have to say that the squash and broccoli looked delicious. 

Verdict?  Still an amazing place for breakfast but there are hundreds of other places that we’d rather go for dinner. 

Have you guys ever been here?  What did you think?


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