Restaurant Review: The Pecan Creek Grille

So I mentioned yesterday that I’d had some family in over the weekend and that we’d been to dinner but we also went to breakfast the following morning at a new (to us) restaurant.  The restaurant is called The Pecan Creek Grille and I have to say that we’ll definitely be going back to this establishment. 

First off – their customer service was amazing.  I’m fairly certain that the person at the counter taking our order was the person who owned the store but if not I hope that this guy gets a raise!  There’s something to be said for incredible service in THE SERVICE INDUSTRY and this gentleman was top notch.  Example:  my MIL ordered a half Belgian waffle and so did I – he said ‘oh, oh – wait a minute – let me put it in as one whole Belgian waffle and it’ll save you about $2.’  How cool is that?  He was also quick and efficient which says a lot when there are four people order and we’re all saying ‘we want this, but without that and add this instead and oh, hold the onions.’  He rocks my socks. 

Secondly – the food was pretty stinkin yummy!  My husband always orders his eggs over-medium and they end up over cooked, so he has learned to order them over-easy instead in order to get over-medium.  He assumed this place would be the same so he ordered them over-easy and they were actually over-easy (which means when we go back he can actually order over-medium and GET over-medium).  Sweet!  Our entire table (except me, because I don’t eat pork) absolutely RAVED about their bacon.  Apparently it was ‘two thumbs up’ and “not cheap.”  I also had a breakfast taco and it was very delicious.  I’d order those again any day!  My husband said that his hashbrowns were a little lacking but I think that’s because they were just potatoes – order those babies with some onion, cheddar cheese, and in my husbands case smothered in cream gravy and he’d be a happy man. 

I won’t lie – their priced aren’t stupendous.  About $50 for 4 adults to eat breakfast but it was a BIG breakfast and a yummy one at that.  I wouldn’t pay that every weekend but once every few months when we have out of town company or just want to impress someone then this is definitely a place we’d head. 

Sidenote – they also get serious props for funny art.  There were some breakfast-themed cartoon-type art pieces on the wall by an artist named Todd Goldman

Here’s a few of Todd’s goodies:


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