Window Shopping Wednesday

If you know me at all then you know that I have a love for all things ‘animal.’  I have a wonderful dog who I adore and I love to spoil her when I can.  She has more toys then she knows what to do with and she has food allergies so I can’t get her very many treats.  I can, however, spoil my friends dogs on occasion!

This weeks featured shop:  Harry Barker

These Country Treats would be a great Christmas gifts for the pups in your life. 

I really love these Dog Food Containers.  It looks so much nicer than giant bags of dog food hanging out on your pantry floor!

When you’re taking your pooch on a walk you should definitely have these Biodegradable Baggies with you. 

If you like to purchase gifts that give back then you should absolutely consider these Canines for Veterans Dog Treats.  First, Canines for Veterans saves dogs’ lives, rescuing them from shelters.  Next, they teach military inmates how to train these dogs to serve wounded veterans. This gives the inmates a purpose and helps rehabilitate them.  Finally, the trained dogs are paired with wounded veterans, assisting them with everyday tasks and enriching their lives. For more information please visit  A portion of the sale of this product will go to support this worthy cause.

I know my dog would looove to play tug of war with these Cotton Rope Carrots.

If you really want to spoil your pet or to celebrate the addition of a new pet how about this Gift Bucket (there are several options available)? 

Thanks for shopping with me today!  Now go take your pooch for a walk!


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