Window Shopping Wednesday – Love and Toast

Do you like smelly-good stuff?  If you’re a girl, I’m 99.9% sure that the answer to that is ‘yes!’ And if you’re a dude, I’m 99.9% sure that every woman in your life would say ‘yes!’  So – this week we’re going to take a peek at a nifty little shop that specializes in smelly-good products for your body.  With Christmas right around the corner, you seriously might want to pick these babies up!  Individually they make great stocking stuffers.  Together, they make a great gift for any girl in your life (or for yourself!). (sidenote: this company has some of the cutest packaging for their products that I’ve ever seen)

This weeks featured shop:  Love and Toast

One of my favorite scents is lime and coconut.  I think I would love this Honey Coconut collection just as much!

I bet this Mandarin Tea pair would be absolutely amazing in the spring and summer.  I can totally see wearing this while lounging by the pool with a drink in my hand.

This Salt’n Sea set just makes me want a spa day.  Yes please!

These may not qualify as “smelly-good” but they definitely qualify as “lookin-good.”  This Pucker Up Lip Glaze compilation would be a fabulous stocking stuffer!

Speaking of sets – this Super Smoother Collection, comprised of six different kinds of Shea butter handcremes, is totally calling my name.

What are some of your favorite smelly-good products?


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