Living Room – The Plan (Part 2)

Do you guys remember the post I did the other day about our living room

Well, I think that I have, maybe just maybe, made some deicions.  You see, I love the size and shape of the couch we have but the fabric is just ugly.  I’ve been wanting to avoid buying a new couch but it’s becoming more and more apparent that we probably just need to sell the sucker and get a new one.  I think I’ve found a new couch and a rug at Ikea.  They’re not ideal, but they’re relatively inexpensive and we only need this furniture to last us 10 years or so.  I do love the fact that the Ikea couch is slipcovered.  It makes it SO EASY to keep clean!  Yippee. 

I already told you that we bought two new cream chairs and a glass coffee table.  Here they are:

We’re also seriously considering this wingback for the “hubby chair” (it’s from Pottery Barn).

Here’s the couch and the rug that we’re thinking about from Ikea.  We would definitely repaint the couch legs.  That birch color just isn’t working for me. 

What do you think?  Will this look good together?  We want to keep the space neutral so that we can change our accent color with the seasons. 

We’re also seriously considering putting the nifty wall art/mirror that we purchased for the living room in the dining room instead.  Who knows.  🙂  I swear I’m not ADD but you’d think I was with all of this crazy design stuff I have going on in my head.

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