Product Review: InPink

Months and months and months ago I purchased a Groupon or Living Social deal to a site called InPink.  Basically it was something like $80 worth of merchandise for $35 or $45.  I don’t remember exactly. 

Anywho – I’m always down for what amounts to half off… especially when it comes to costume jewelry.  I have a lot but a girl can never have enough! 

I purchased these beauties…

Light Turquoise Swimming Turtle Stretch Ring 


Gray Natural Stone & Shell Earrings 


Turquoise and Diamond Earrings (no longer available online)

So far I’ve only worn the turquoise earrings but I love them.  The turtle is sort of summery so I’m probably going to wait until next summer to bust him out. 

Since purchasing this deal they’ve definitely expanded their selection and there are several more earrings that I would love to own.  I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for another InPink deal!

Have you ever shopped at InPink?  What would you buy? 

P.S.  Their packaging is adorable. 


2 responses to “Product Review: InPink

  1. Karen

    Is there any chance I could purchase the ring?!

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