Window Shopping Wednesday – Zara Home

Have you ever heard of a shop called Zara Home?  Nope?  Well I hadn’t either until the other day.  Turns out, they’re very similar to Anthropologie just without the insane price tag.

This weeks featured shop:  Zara Home

If you know me, you know that I love throw blankets.  This Hugo Throw is perfect for fall.  It should come live at my house (although if I’m honest, this is still out of my price range).

I like this Flag Decorative Quilt as well.  It looks great in this photo of what I assume is a teenage boys room but I also think it’d look amazing as the pop of color in a neutral room.

Man they have a selection of pillows to suit just about everyone.  I couldn’t pick just one so here are a few of my favorites.

Alhambra Pillow Cover

Everton Pillow

Minty Pillow

Ramio-Velvet Pillow (several colors available)

This New Leopold Bath Mat happens to match perfectly with my new master bedroom goodies.  I’m thinking he might need to come live in my master bath if his dimensions are right.

We love a little kitsch in our house and we have a goofy sense of humor.  We’d totally throw in this Duck Pitcher just to keep people guessing.

I’m not sure which set of servers I love more.

Cetus Servers

Or the Bernard Servers.  I do love me some mother of pearl.

OMG.  Speaking of kitsch and keeping people on their toes.  How freaking cute would it be to set a formal table and use these Bassotto Cutlery Rests?

These Swan Napkin Rings would be exquisite for a formal dining table.

This Asarta Stool is just wicked.  The texture is incredible!  Me amo!

I’ve never seen a frame quite like this Day Frame.  Gotta say, I’m a fan.

Man I think that’s probably my longest Window Shopping Wednesday EVER but there’s just so much cool stuff to find at Zara Home!  What would you buy?


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