September and October Date Nights

Yes – I realize we’re nearly through with November.  I’m a bit late.  I’ve had too many other fun things to write about. 

So for September we didn’t really do an actual date night (and we never do) because both the Hubs and I celebrate our birthdays in September.  Two birthdays plus a date night would just be too much.  So we just celebrate birthdays.  We went out with friends for Italian food and then out to this place called Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar.  We had a lot of fun and even managed to get into a drunken bar brawl (no I’m not joking, no that’s not typical for us, no it wasn’t our fault and no, no one in our group was hurt).  All in all it was a fun and interesting evening.  If you have a Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar in your town you should definitely go.  It’s a blast.  And I promise the likelihood that you’ll get in a fight is little to none.  🙂

For our October date night I’d purchased a Groupon and/or Living Social deal to a Murder Mystery Dessert* Theatre called Murder by Chocolate ( .  It was definitely one of those ‘do it once’ type things but it was quite funny.  It’s good clean fun.  I’d totally take my mom and her girlfriends for her birthday or something.  There were even some tweens there enjoying themselves.  What the Hubs and I didn’t realize was that this is an interactive theatre performance.  As in several people in the ‘audience’ get a role to play.  Of course, lucky me, I got selected.  You’ll never believe what the name of my character was… (if you know me personally this will be even funnier)…  Lotta Mouth.  Yep.  That’s right.  You’d think the guy type cast or something.  Lol.  Truly it really was a lot of fun.  The Hubs and I grabbed dinner at Outback Steakhouse on the way and just made a night of it.  I definitely would suggest this as a super fun date night with your hunny. 

*note there’s also an option for a full dinner theatre at an Italian restaurant if that’s more your style.

Image not from the place we went. Click image for source.

**they even have one of these set up in a castle people!  No joke!  Check it out here.

Side note:  I need your help.  I’m totally and completely out of Groupon / Living Social date nights and have nothing planned for December.  Any ideas????


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