What’s your Moral DNA?

I have no idea what possessed me to take this questionnaire or even how I found it in the first place.  I think it’s fascinating though.  I actually took this questionnaire back in April and it’s taken me until now to blog about it.  Kinda lame huh?  Haha. 

Here’s the spiel from the Moral DNA website: MoralDNA™ is a personality test which reveals our moral values and the way we prefer to make decisions about what’s right.

It has been co-designed by Roger Steare, The Corporate Philosopher; and by Pavlos Stamboulides, Director of Psycholate.

This version of MoralDNA™ is designed to help humanity understand how we make good decisions and do the right thing. It is free of charge for personal use, but in return for your MoralDNA™ profile we do ask you to provide us with some personal data, which will enable us to continue our research for the benefit of all.

Are you curious about what my questionnaire said?  Turns out, I’m a Philosopher (I knew I was smart!  Lol). 

Philosophers believe that moral principle, or “virtue” is the most important ethical perspective. They ask “What would be the honest or courageous thing to do?” Then they’ll consider the consequences for others. Finally and reluctantly they’ll consider rules, laws and regulations. Philosophers hate being told what to do or what’s right. They’re mavericks and rebels, but good to have around when really difficult decisions have to be made. Strengths:  Good at solving difficult or complex dilemmas.  Weaknesses:  Will break rules if they believe a higher principle is at stake. May sometimes lack empathy for others in making rational decisions.

If you know me personally then you know that this description is pretty apt.  I tend to see the world in black and white but I’m all for breaking the rules if it’s for the greater good (Example:  I think people convinced of rape, murder, injury to children and/or animals should just be shot). 

Anywho – I’m so curious to know if you’re taking this questionnaire and if you do, what it says you are!  Let me know!

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