Movie Review: Lincoln


So the husband and I went to see this movie as part of our November date night and I have to say, it totally lived up to the hype.  It’s not your typical date night movie by any stretch but it is incredibly powerful. 

Never before in American cinema have politics and poetry combined to make such spellbinding bedfellows.  ~  Rick Kisonak, Film Threat

I am not a history buff by any stretch of the imagination and if I’m honest, I absolutely dreaded taking history in school.  I made D’s in most of my history classes because that was about as much history as I could stomach.  When it’s told in story-form, however, I find it’s absolutely captivating. 

If this exquisite, immersive, fully entertaining, dramatized account of real events can’t get you excited about history… nothing will.  ~  Bruce Bennett, Spectrum

Daniel Day-Lewis is phenomenal.  If he doesn’t win every award under the sun for this movie I’ll be shocked. 

Why don’t we give the best actor Oscar to Daniel Day-Lewis right now and save everyone a lot of trouble?  ~  Clint O’Connor, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Lincoln offers proof of what magic can happen when an actor falls in love with his character. Because as great as Day-Lewis has been in his many parts, he has never seemed quite so smitten.  ~  Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post

Sally Field (who plays Mrs. Lincoln) also does an outstanding job in this movie.  It was really interesting to get a glipse of what their home-life was like and the relationship between them.  I never knew that he was, to some degree, distant from her nor did I know about the tragedy that they suffered losing their son.  I imagine that would put an incredible strain on any marriage. 

Daniel Day-Lewis reaches new acting heights as Lincoln while Sally Field matches him talent for talent as Mary Todd Lincoln.  ~  Jackie Cooper

Tommy Lee Jones is just wonderful as Thaddeus Stevens.  In truth, Jones gets to, for the most part, act like himself.  Lot’s of dry wit and I-don’t-give-a-crap attitude.  Can we just nominate him for Best Supporting Actor right now?  He does look pretty goofy in the wig, but once you get past your initial giggle and can focus on his character, he’ll win your heart. 

tommy lee jones as thaddeus stevens

Now, if you’re expecting action and shoot-em-up and lots of suspense, this isn’t your movie.  But if you want a look into an era that most of us know nothing about and if you truly want to be moved, then this movie is for you.


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