Window Shopping Wednesday – AlleyKids

I think people with computer graphic talent are so blessed.  I wish I had that gift.  I totally don’t.  Susan, the owner of the Etsy shop AlleyKids is one of those amazingly talented people.  Let’s check out some of her goodies shall we?

This weeks featured shop:  AlleyKids

I love this Forest Woodland Animal Art.  I think this would be adorable if you were doing a camp/cabin-in-the-woods themed room for a little boy.

Forest Woodland Nursery Art Animal Prints

Or, if you don’t have kids, there’s always this Deer Art Print that you could use for the Christmas season (yes please!).

Deer Art Print

This Alphabet I Love You Poster would be great for a kids room or, depending on the color you choose, just about anywhere in your house.

Alphabet I Love You Poster

This Jungle Animal Alphabet Poster is what led me to this shop in the first place.  It comes in a variety of colors and I just think it’s super cute.

Jungle Animal Alphabet Poster

I have absolutely no idea why, but this adorable Lion Print of just the lion’s bootie makes me smile.

Lion Print

All of these come in a variety of colors so if you’re not just loving the colors I’ve featured please don’t let that deter you.

Thanks for shopping with me today!


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