Window Shopping Wednesday – EcoForest

So technically this isn’t really a ‘window shop’… it’s more like a “Hey!  This is cool!”

I had a really nifty shop lined up for today but I just found out the vendor is on vacation until the 12th so I figured I’d postpone that shop until the 16th and show you this nifty product this week instead.

This weeks featured shop:  EcoForest

Have you ever gone camping and wanted to have a fire but didn’t want to do all the work associated with it?  Or, do you have a wood-burning fireplace in your home and you just don’t want to deal with a huge pile of ashes for one night worth of warmth?

Well, this super-nifty product from EcoForest called the Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log might be the solution!

Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log

According to their website Bonfire is a new and unique product, for use indoors or out. It is an all natural birch stump, kiln dried and engineered to light with one match. The Jumbo burns more than 2 hours, while the standard can be enjoyed for more than 1 ½ hours.

Set it in a fireplace, firepit, or take it when you travel to the beach or a campground. It’s the easiest bonfire you will ever light, cook over, and enjoy for hours.

The standard log costs only $9.29 and I think that price is awesome.

Stay warm people!


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