Foods You Should Eat Everyday Challenge – Day 2

If you didn’t catch my initial post with the list of the foods you should eat every day you can click here.   

Well in the spirit of full confession I have to tell you that after Day 1 of the challenge I felt so bloated I was literally uncomfortable.  In addition, I had the worst flatulence I’ve had in years.  I’m sure that’s TMI (too much info) (sorry mom) but it’s honest. 

I think the reason for both of these conditions was just the enormous increase in vegetables and fiber that entered my body yesterday.  I definitely am not nearly as bloated or as gassy today.  So, my recommendation at this point would be that if you’re planning on attempting this food challenge, you should conquer one meal a day each week.  For example, change your breakfast on week 1, and then your breakfast and lunch on week two… and so on and so forth.  It should be less of a shock to your body that way. 

Oh – and I meant to show you this photo yesterday.  This is what my cart looked like at the grocery store this weekend after going through just the produce section.  No wonder my body is freaking out. 


Below is my original meal plan.  I’ve scratched through some things so that I can show you what I didn’t eat on Tuesday.

Day 2 Meal Plan:

Smoothie with 1c frozen blueberries, 1 T milled flax seeds, half of a banana and 1 carton of greek yogurt.
Eggs: Easy Bake Strata (recipe to come) (note: quiche/strata is about the only way I’ll eat eggs)

Apple (one very small jazz apple)
Green tea
Carrots (about 10 baby carrots)
Handful of nuts (about ¼ cup)

Sweet potatoes sautéed in olive oil with garlic and onions (recipe to come)
Salmon croquette (recipe to come)
Spinach salad w/ tomatoes, bell peppers, and mushrooms (I added a few green and black olives as well as some parmesan Italian dressing)

Green tea
Nature valley oat bar

Bell Peppers With Quinoa (recipe to come)
Large glass milk

Cinnamon dark hot chocolate

Yet again we ended up eating a really late dinner last night.  I’ve gotten out of the habit of truly cooking on a weeknight (I don’t consider opening a can of green beans ‘cooking’). 

Tonight should be really interesting since I’m having a friend over for dinner and she’ll be eating the same thing that we are which is a recipe I’ve never tried before.  I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

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