Foods You Should Eat Everyday Challenge – Day 4

Well I’m baaaaaaaaaack! 

Sorry for the delay but as I previously mentioned I went down for the count with bronchitis as well as pink eye in BOTH eyes.  It’s not been just a barrel of laughs around here unfortunately. 

However, I’m on the mend!  Yippee!

If you didn’t catch my initial post with the list of the foods you should eat every day you can click here

I’m still finding out that my original meal plan was just waaaay too much food.  As you’ll see below, there’s a lot that’s not getting eaten every day. 

As I mentioned on day 3, I was starting to get cravings for things like cheese.  In a way, I’m glad that I got sick because I got to take a break from the challenge!  Kind of sad I know.  I have definitely realized that if I’m going to eat healthier I have to make gradual changes… not try to change the world in 24 hours. 


Below is my original meal plan.  I’ve scratched through some things so that I can show you what I didn’t eat on day 4.

Day 4 Meal Plan:

Smoothie with 1c frozen blueberries, 1 T milled flax seeds, half of a banana and 1 carton of greek yogurt.

Eggs: Easy Bake Strata (recipe to come) (note: quiche/strata is about the only way I’ll eat eggs)

Apple (one very small jazz apple)
Green tea
Carrots (about 10 baby carrots)
Handful of nuts (about ¼ cup)

Sweet potatoes sautéed in olive oil with garlic and onions (recipe to come)
Salmon croquette (recipe to come)
Spinach salad w/ tomatoes, bell peppers, and mushrooms (I added a few green and black olives as well as some parmesan Italian dressing)

Green tea
Nature valley oat bar

Chili-Cheese Black Bean Enchiladas (recipe to come)
Large glass milk

Cinnamon dark hot chocolate

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