Window Shopping Wednesday – Boutonnières without fresh flowers

One of my coworkers is getting married this year and we’ve been discussing several options for boutonnières.  She’s set on fresh flowers, and I get it.  I had fresh-flower boutonnières at my wedding.  They looked like this:


That being said, I just love the idea of using non-fresh flower “ingredients” to make a boutonnière.  So, I did some searching for you (because I’m nice like that) and here are a few of my favorites…

This weeks featured item:  boutonnières without fresh flowers

If you’re having an outdoor wedding then I think this Rustic Burlap Boutonniere is a great fit for you.  The buttons, the feathers, the burlap – they come together seamlessly.  I love it.

Rustic Burlap Boutonniere

I think feathers should be standard-issue in every wedding.  They add great form and texture and come in such an incredible array of colors and patterns.  This Feather Boutonnière would be absolutely amazing for a fall wedding.  Just lovely.

Feather Boutonnière

If you’re a bit quirky and plan to have some FUN at your wedding and not take the whole thing too seriously then consider these Vintage Inspired Clothespin and Soda Pop Bottle Top Boutonnieres and Corsages.  So stinking cute!  And come on, these would totally be the talk of the wedding!

Vintage Inspired Clothespin and Soda Pop Bottle Top Boutonnieres and Corsages

So let’s be real here – in all likelihood the groom has had pretty much zero say in anything about the wedding.  Shouldn’t he get at least some input into what he wears that day?  I think it’d be great to incorporate some of your husband-to-be’s favorite past times and if he’s a fisher, then this Fisherman’s Boutonniere would be just the way to do that.

Fisherman's Boutonniere

If your wedding venue also happens to be a winery or vineyard then these Rustic Wedding Boutonnieres would fit right in.  This also works great regardless of your venue if the happy couple are wine lovers.

Rustic Wedding Boutonnieres

I loooove this Rustic Fall Boutonniere so much!  It’s classy and masculine and filled with incredible texture.  Love love love.

rustic wedding groom boutonniere lapel pin acorns forest wedding

If you think dried flowers are just for the elderly then think again – they can be just as exquisite as fresh.  This Mustard Cream Cone – Yellow Ivory Brown Boutonniere is testament to that fact.  Look at all that color and texture!  Come to mama!

Mustard Cream Cone - Yellow Ivory Brown Boutonniere

Last but certainly not least, if you love the formal look then you absolutely cannot go wrong with ostrich feathers and pearls.  This Vintage Sheet Music Ostrich Feather Boutonniere is just perfect for you!

Vintage Sheet Music Ostrich Feather Boutonniere

Do you guys like the idea of having a boutonnière that is sans fresh flowers?


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