Window Shopping Wednesday – Golden Future

Like a lot of women, I love jewelry.  I think that the right accessories can either make or break your outfit.  That’s why I fell for this shop the moment I saw it.  I always have a hard time finding the right jewelry for a more casual weekend outfit and these goodies are just perfect.  I even adore the layered effect!  The owner and maker of these lovely creations is Yilan and keep in mind that all bracelets can be customized by changing the color and length of the bracelets.

This weeks featured shop:  Golden Future

Are you a bike enthusiast?  I have a few good friends who are and I think they’d love this Bike Bracelet set!

bike bracelet set

This tree of life bracelet is so lovely.

tree of life

I think this feather bracelet might be my favorite.  It’s so dainty and feminine.

feather bracelt

Know a tween who is a huge Hunger Games fan?  I bet they’d flip over this arrow bracelet or this Hunger Games bracelet.

arrow bracelet & hunger games bracelet

I’m going through a bit of an elephant phase so I’m in love with this elephant bracelet.  It needs to come home to live with me.

elephant bracelet

This compass bracelet really speaks to me for some reason.

compass bracelet

How fun is this octopus bracelet?  I can just see this as a go-to accessory for the summer.

octopus bracelet

This cross bracelet has the ability to work for a guy or a girl depending on the color of the bracelet that you choose.  I think this would be a great gift for a kid who is being baptized, going through confirmation or just in need of a daily reminder.

cross bracelet

Thank you for shopping with me today!


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