Drip Drop Painted Terra Cotta Pot

So I’ve been on a bit of what I call an interior gardening kick lately.  Basically, I have a small houseplant problem and might be running out of places to put them.  Anyway, I ran across this adorable little cactus the other day and decided to paint a terra cotta pot to showcase it.  The colors will make a tad bit more sense later – I have another craft project that I’ll hopefully get around to some day that includes these colors.

Anywho – I went to my local Michael’s and picked up a terra cotta pot and some terra cotta paints (they’re right by the pots so they’re easy to find).  Then when I got home I just turned the sucker upside down and dripped a few paint drops and let them rooooll on down the sides.  Quick, easy, and still cute.  Score!

(painting terracotta pots 4)-edited


(painting terracotta pots 2)-edited

I’ve also done some research and looked up some other painted terra cotta pots for inspirational ideas.  Have a look and click on the ‘source’ beneath the pictures to be taken to the originator…

Solid Painted Terra Cotta Planters


Colorblock Painted Terra Cotta Planters


Lady Bug Painted Clay Pot


Neon painted terra cotta pots

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