In Honor and Remembrance: My April RAOK in Honor of Sandy Hook

raok sandy hook

As I’m writing this, it’s actually the 15th and yesterday, on the 14th, I did a Random Act of Kindness in honor of Sandy Hook Elementary.  You can read about my year-long pledge here.

Unlike last month when I did something for a complete stranger this month I did something for someone I see nearly every day… our mailman (or woman).  In truth, I’ve never met the person who delivers our mail but I’ve seen them drive by hundreds of times.

I went to the store and picked up some white chocolate truffles then came home and wrote a little note for them. Monday morning I stuck them in our mailbox and put up the flag.  I know it’s something little – but hopefully it’ll brighten their day.


What about you?  Did you do a Random Act of Kindness this month in honor of Sandy Hook?  I’d love to hear about it if you did.

Note:  I read about an amazing Random Act of Kindness that someone else recently performed for Sandy Hook.  You can check out that story here.

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