Back in the Saddle… Or am I?

So… I’ve been debating.  Do I want to return to blogging?  I can’t honestly say that I have the answer to that 100% figured out.  I enjoyed it for the most part however, if I’m being honest, it’s a lot of work.  More so that you would ever think!  And I’m writing an itty-bitty-hardly-anyone-knows-it-exists blog!  I can’t honestly even begin to imagine the kind of work that goes into blogs like Young House Love (one of my faves, btw).  While some could argue that Sherry & John (from YHL) blog for a living (which they do) they also have a kiddo running around.  AND, they’re DIYing enormous projects!  I’m lucky to get a tiny craft project done.  Let’s face it.  We’re busy.  Or, at least, 99% of us are.  If you’re part of that 1%, you’re doing something seriously wrong.  There is absolutely no excuse to be bored these days!  So, like I was saying… blogging takes a lot of work.  My original reason for blogging was because I was bored at my job.  But, I’ve been at a new job now for over a year and I’m no longer bored.  I thought I might try to make a tiny bit of spare change by offering ad space on my blog but honestly, I think that’s going to make for more work – and I quit blogging because of the amount of time it was taking me.

While I know that the argument could be made that I can always blog sporadically I just don’t think I can do it.  I’m pretty OCD.  I live and die by a schedule (or so it seems).  I don’t do things all willy nilly.  I need a PLAN.  I need an OUTLINE.  Strange as it seems, blogging “when and if I feel like it” would actually cause me more stress then blogging 5 days a week.

Am I coming back?  I don’t know.  Part of me misses blogging and wants to recommit but there is definitely a voice in the back of my head saying that I’ll be burned out again in a few weeks.  I don’t want to do things in half measures.  Either I’m going to blog, or I’m not.  Simple as that.

Anyone care to weigh in with any words of wisdom here?

Sidenote:  funnily enough, I wrote everything before this sentence I drafted back on September 24, 2013… I obviously haven’t had either the time or the desire (or both) to get back into blogging.  And then something funny happened.  I got featured on another blog just this week (you can see that here).  Honestly I have no idea how the author found me considering I haven’t blogged since July but I digress.  So here’s the thing… that ONE feature post gave me more blog views in a single day then I’ve had in the entirety of my blog to date.  How crazy is that?  I’d be lying if I told you that I’m not excited about that.  So… now I’m back to considering blogging again.  What do you think???