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So you want to know about little ol’ me huh?  I’m not sure how interesting this will be but here goes…

I’m married to my perfect match.

I have a Labrador/Pointer mix who I adore.

I also have to cats – one of which I adore, the other has her moments.  LOL.

I live in Houston, Texas and for the most part I hate it.  Too hot and too big.

I graduated from college with my BA in Humanities and International Relations.

I swam competitively for sixteen years, played water polo, was a lifeguard, taught lifeguarding classes, coached swim teams and managed aquatics facilities.  I still teach private swim lessons.   I’m relatively certain I had gills in a former life. 

I have a love for all animals, except monkeys.  I hate monkeys.  And bugs. 

My dream home would be somewhere in a state that has four distinct seasons – it has to get warm enough in the summer for swimming and cold enough in the winter for snow but I want absolutely no more than three months of snow.  We’d have several acres of land with a house on a hill, a pool, a large pond and a barn/kennel.  I would foster as many animals as I could keep up with and I’d be a stay at home mom to all of my fur-babies while I crafted the day away. 

I love to craft but I don’t have nearly enough time to do it.

I’m a super picky eater.

That’s all I can think of right now but if you want to know more leave a comment on the blog and I’ll do my best to get back with you!

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