So some things have changed since we last talked…


We moved.

Old house: owned, 40 years old, major renovations needed, 2 stories, 2500sqft, enormous corner lot, 45 minute commute (for me)

New house: rental, less than 5 years old, no repairs needed, 1 story, 1100sqft, itty bitty postage stamp lot, 1.5hr commute (for  me)

What I’m loving: NO MORE REPAIRS!  One story.

What I’m tolerating: 1100sqft.  1.5 hr commute.

She sleeps in the sweetest positions.

Abbie sleeps in the sweetest positions.

How can you not fall in love with this??

How can you not fall in love with this??

The day she came home.

The day she came home.

Aurora and Widgit... also known as sweet n sassy.

Aurora and Widgit… also known as sweet n sassy.

We have a new addition.

Her name is Abbie and I am head over heels.

It was NOT an easy transition.  The dog (Lita) adjusted fine other than giving me the “another one?!?!” look when we brought Abbie home.  Aurora (our chubby longhaired Maine Coon mix) was fine within a day and immediately tried to start bathing Abbie.  Widgit (our white/tabby problem child) was an absolute nightmare.  She hissed and growled and became abusive (to the cats, to us, and to the house) and it lasted for weeks.  Things have *mostly* calmed down now.


Hubby and I did a two week soy-free, grain-free vegan detox at the beginning of the year.  I actually enjoyed it so much that I’m trying to maintain it.  I’m doing what I refer to as the 80/20 plan meaning that 80% of the time I’m a soy-free, grain-free vegan and 20% of the time (or 4 meals a week) I can eat something I normally wouldn’t (like fish or quinoa).  I keep getting on the wagon and then falling off and then getting back on again but I’ll tell you this – I absolutely 100% feel better when I’m ON the wagon.  (If you’re wondering why we’re soy-free, you can read more about that here.)

What major changes have happened in your life in the last 6 months?  I’d love to hear about them.

A Furball Update

So I thought I’d give you guys a bit of an update on this situation.  

Both kitties are now spayed and declawed.  I’m normally against declawing an animal but ours are strictly indoors and Widgit was so feisty I was afraid one day she might really hurt Lita (that’s my dog).  They both healed up great and don’t seem to be missing their claws at all. 

There’s a lot of playing hide-and-go-seek in mommy’s closet.

Picture 094-edited


There’s a lot of hiding in the box on the cat tree.  This is, by far, Widgit’s favorite place to take a nap… and a bath… and to play.

Picture 108-edited

Picture 109-edited


Widgit also found the place where I stash the worlds softest blanket which I use to snuggle up with while watching tv.  It’s been hard to get her out of this since she found it.

Picture 170-edited


There’s also been a lot of stealing their big sisters bed.

Picture 142-edited


And a lot of Aurora/Lita snuggle fests.

Picture 160-edited



There’s still a few occurances of Widgit beating up on her little sister but it’s getting better.  Mostly that’s because Aurora is growing up.  She’ll always be a petite little thing, but she’s learning how to take her sister on.

Picture 165-edited


Widgit is growing on me, mostly because she’s the snuggler.  And I’m her favorite person to snuggle. 

Picture 179-edited


All in all, we’re quite happy with our little family.

I’ve Lost My Ever Lovin’ Mind – Adopting Kittens

Yep, you read that right.  My husband and I have adopted two kittens.  Normally, this might not be cause for saying I’ve lost my mind, but in this case, I have. 

You see, this was neither a well-timed decision, nor a well thought out decision.  My husband loves cats and has been begging for one for as long as I can remember.  We have a dog, a 9 year old Labrador mix named Lita who is my baby, but she’s afraid of cats.  As in deathly afraid of cats.  Naturally, since she’s my baby, I didn’t want to bring a cat into the house and essentially force her to live in fear.  I promised my husband that when Lita passed, we’d get cats.

My baby girl Lita hanging at the park

My baby girl Lita hanging at the park

Then, about a month ago, my husband called me rather frantic because he was at Home Depot and he’d found a kitten in the lawn & garden department.  He didn’t know what to do.  I said ‘can you catch it?’ and he said ‘I think so’ and low and behold he did.  He actually ran errands all day while holding that little tiny kitten in his hands.  When he brought it home, I pretty much knew that if it was a girl, we’d keep it, but if it was a boy, we’d give it up for adoption (I have a strict NO BOY PETS rule in my house).  Well, the poor thing was in bad shape and its genitals were so swollen I couldn’t tell what it was.  So, my friend G (who I happened to be garage sale-ing with that day) and I took it up to the Sugar Land Animal Shelter where I volunteer and had them take a look.  Turns out, it was a boy.  Now I knew my husband would be devastated and in a fit of stupidity weakness I let G talk me into taking 2 other kittens from the shelter home for a sleepover to see how they’d do at our house.  (Ok, ok, in her defense she didn’t have to really persuade me, I’m a total sucker when it comes to furballs, but I’m still totally blaming it on her.) 


When G and I were about a block away from my house I got a text from my husband that said ‘so, is it a boy or a girl???’ (remember, he’s been dying for a cat).  I said ‘they’re girls’ and his response… ‘it multiplied?’  You see, after having Lita for 9 years I’ve realized something… pets need a partner and it totally sucks for them to be alone.  I promised myself that never again would I adopt “1” of something and that animals would always come in pairs at my house.  So, much to my husbands utter shock and happiness, his one very sick kitten multiplied into two healthy kittens.  We have one medium-haired dark brown and black tabby named Aurora who is about 6 weeks younger than the white with gray tabby patches kitten named Widgit (intentionally misspelled) and no, they’re not from the same litter. 

Aurora:  aka 'the cute one' / 'mom's favorite kitten' / ' chair of the itty bitty kitty committee'

Aurora: aka ‘the cute one’ / ‘mom’s favorite kitten’ / ‘ chair of the itty bitty kitty committee’


Widgit:  aka 'brat' and various other words starting with 4-letters.  don't let the sweetness of the picture decieve you.  they're lies, ALL LIES!

Widgit: aka ‘brat’ and various other words starting with 4-letters. don’t let the sweetness of the picture decieve you. they’re lies, ALL LIES!

As predicted, Lita freaked.  She did much better than I thought she would though.  She loves Aurora and Aurora loves her.  They’re frequently nose-bumping and hanging out together.  Widgit, on the other hand, was originally horrified by Lita and would hiss and swat at her on a regular basis.  This, in turn, would totally freak Lita out.  Now, however, they seem to have reached an agreement for the most part.  Widgit doesn’t hiss at her anymore and there’s relative peace in my house. 

this was the day i brought the kittens home.  they haven't snuggled like this since but their interaction with each other is just adorable.

this was the day i brought the kittens home. they haven’t snuggled like this since but their interaction with each other is just adorable.

Except for the fact that Widgit is a brat. 

We’re talking total big-sister beating up and picking on little-sister brat.  She absolutely INFURIATES me.  I frequently hear Aurora squealing in pain because Widgit is biting her or something of that nature.  Since I’m an only child, I’m having a hard time recognizing this as what it is… just a big sister picking on a little sister.  Instead, I keep seeing Widgit as a mean ol’ bully and I keep (half-jokingly) telling my husband that I’m going to send her back for reasons of defect. 

We’re guessing that Aurora was the runt and, on top of that, she definitely wasn’t weaned properly.  Probably her mother pushed her away since her likelihood of survival as the runt was relatively low.  When we got her, she weighed less than a pound.  Now, three weeks later, she’s up to about a pound and a half.  Widgit was slightly underweight when we got her but she was at 1.5 lbs and is now 3lbs.  She’s growing by leaps and bounds while Aurora is moving painstakingly slowly in the growth department.  Therefore, it’s hardly a fair fight.  Widgit is twice Aurora’s weight and in development it’s like a 6 month old human baby versus a 4 year old child. 

It is my sincere hope that as Aurora gets older and grows more that she’ll be able to fend off her crazyass sister.  We’re keeping them both and as I told my husband the other day “she (Widgit) is just going to have to learn that I am Queen Brat in this house!”

I like a bit of mongrel myself, whether it’s a man or a dog; they’re the best for everyday. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Hi all!  It was another fulfilling day at the local animal shelter.  I know I mostly post about dogs on here but please note that kitten season is in full swing and shelters across the country are flooded with them.  There were over a dozen small kittens available at this one shelter alone.  If you’ve ever considered getting a cat, now is the time! 

Here are the babies I worked with…


Howdy ya’ll!  My name is Gator and I’m a Basset Hound mix.  Like most Basset’s I am completely scent driven.  This means that I definitely need a fenced in yard because I’ll want to investigate any good smells outside my home.  I need a good walk every day but you’ll need to teach me to heel.  I’m pretty strong too so you’ll need a good arm!  I am super friendly and would love to have kids to play with.  I even know the command ‘sit’!  Please come down and take me on a sleep over today!


Aren’t I just the sweetest little girl you ever did see?  I am so incredibly sweet I might just melt when it rains.  I get along great with other dogs and would probably be ok with cats too.  I don’t know the command ‘heel’ but I’m very easy to walk.  I even know how to sit on command!  I’d be great for a family or for an older person who wants a quiet, loving companion.  I’m even apartment sized!  I will need a good brushing a few times a week and to be taken to the groomer approximately every six weeks.  Please come see me today!!


I have a big, sassy girl attitude all wrapped up in a pint-sized package.  I like some dogs but I prefer them to be small like me.  I’m not afraid of anything and I think I should be wearing diamonds or pearls to showcase the diva I am.  I’m very sweet but I would prefer not to be picked up which means I would do better with older children.  Won’t you come take me on a sleep over today?


Hidey ho neighbor!  My name is Tracker and I’m a hound mix.  I walk great at ‘heel’ and even know how to sit on command!  I like other dogs and would love to have a forever home of my own.  I’d be good with kids and just need a 30-minute walk twice a day to keep my energy level in check.  Please come see me today!


Hi there!  I’m Sally!  I’m a Husky mix which means that in this Texas heat I definitely need to be an inside dog.  I need access to a yard for bathroom breaks but otherwise I want to be lounging in the AC.  I’m not really a fan of other dogs so I’d prefer to be in an only dog household.  I’m a great leash-walker, I don’t pull AT ALL!  I know the commands ‘sit’ and ‘lay down’ too!  Won’t you please come see me today?



Hi friends!  My name is Mia.  Aren’t I cute?  I have the cutest little white moustache.  I am super loveable and would love to snuggle with you and be petted all day.  I’m not crazy about being picked up though so I would do best with older children.  I have a spunky personality and definitely am energetic so I need a lot of play time to keep me entertained.  Having lots of toys or another cat are some ways to accommodate those needs.  Please come take me on a sleep over today!

Unexpected Visitor

So we had a little unexpected visitor at our house last night.

Meet Mr. Cheeps (yes, we named him).  Sorry for the crummy picture but it really needed a flash and I just didn’t want to scare the bajesus out of the poor baby so I didn’t use it. 

This sweet little guy (gal?) was just hanging out on our front stoop at 10:30pm.  The hubs noticed him when he took the pup out to do her business and when he was coming back in the door, he saw this dark lump in the corner.  At first, he thought it was a big frog since we have several that live under the stoop.  Upon closer inspection though, he realized this little guy was definitely not a frog.  He called me over to come take a look and asked me what we should do.  I immediately thought of our two neighbors and the fact that they BOTH have outdoor cats.  I just couldn’t stand the thought of this guy being a midnight snack.  So, we grabbed a small dish towel and a large box and the little guy spent the night with us.  And we didn’t eat him.  I promise. 

He’s a fledgling Blue Jay and my best guess is that he was attempting to take his first flight and went seriously off course.  He let me pick him up without fighting me at all which leads me to believe that he can’t fly all that well or might have injured himself (although there were no apparent injuries).  I looked and looked for his mama or papa but didn’t see or hear anything.  I haven’t seen a Blue Jay in our yard for quite a while since we stopped feeding the birds when mom moved out so my guess is, like I previously mentioned, he’s rather far from home. 

He seemed content in his box when I checked on him this morning.  I couldn’t tell if he ate any of the bread that we left him or drank the water but he did leave me a ‘present’ so I’m hoping that means he both ate and drank.  We went for a little ride in my car this morning which he was not happy about.  It was the first time I heard him make a sound in nearly twelve hours and Mr. Cheeps cheeped the whole ride long.  I dropped him off at the local animal shelter (the one where I volunteer each week) and I’m sure that they’ll take good care of him and get him nursed back to health and when he’s ready, they’ll release him back into the wild.

A dog is for life, and not just for Christmas. ~ National Canine Defense League slogan

I had a friend call me the other day to ask me questions about shots for a dog that she’s fostering.  She has three dogs of her own and has been fostering dogs on and off for years.  Even with all these dogs, she still had questions regarding the proper vaccinations.  I thought about it after our call and I realized how many of the people who fostered dogs for the animal shelter I used to work for had the same questions or worse, no questions at all.  The truth is that many people out there don’t know the proper vaccination schedule and/or don’t realize that dogs need to be vaccinated just like humans.  So, I thought we’d do a little informative post today. 


All dogs should get their shots.  These shots consist of Rabies, Bordetella, and a shot called DA2PPC. 

  1. We’re all familiar with Rabies so I’m going to skip that one. 
  2. Bordetella is a shot that prevents kennel cough.  Now, you might be thinking ‘I don’t board my dog anywhere’ and therefore I don’t need to prevent kennel cough.  You’d be WRONG.  In the course of your dog’s life it will probably go on walks and meet other dogs, possibly go to dog parks and definitely go to a vets’ office.  In any or all of these places your dog will be susceptible to kennel cough (think of it like a doggie cold).  You’re miserable when you get a cold right?  Why make your pet suffer through that when all it takes is a simple routine vaccination to prevent it? 
  3. DA2PPC – this shot is a vaccination cocktail preventing canine distemper, adenovirus type 2, parainfluenza, canine parvovirus, and canine coronavirus.  I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck all those diseases are so I’m going to tell you…
    1. Canine Distemper – this is a super scary disease for dogs.  Statistically, most dogs who contract this virus do not survive (75%). If they do survive, most dogs will have permanent neurological damage and young ones will have tooth enamel damage leading to major medical problems down the line.  Also, your wallet will have permanent damage.  It can cost into the thousands of dollars to treat a dog with canine distemper because more often than not they have to be kept in doggie ICU for several days to several weeks.  Unfortunately, distemper is extremely easy to spread.  The symptoms include nasal and eye discharge, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, fever that may come and go, and seizures.  Worst of all, there is no specific treatment for Canine Distemper.  Treatment is largely supportive (IV fluids, meds to ease the seizures, etc).
    2. Adenovirus type 2 – this is basically doggie HIV.  Initially, the virus affects the tonsils and larynx causing a sore throat, coughing, and occasionally pneumonia. As it enters the bloodstream, it can affect the eyes, liver, and kidneys. As the liver and kidneys fail, you may notice seizures, increased thirst, vomiting, and/or diarrhea. Unvaccinated dogs of all ages are at risk, however, the disease is most common in dogs less than a year old. Death can result as soon as two hours after the initial signs. Again, there is no specific treatment for this disease (just like with Canine Distemper).  Treatment is largely supportive (IV fluids, etc).
    3. Parainfluenza –  Just like kennel cough is similar to a cold in dogs, Parainfluenza is similar to the flu.  The most common symptom is a dry hacking cough sometimes followed by retching.  In more severe cases, the symptoms may progress and include lethargy, fever, lost of appetite, pneumonia, and in very severe cases, even death. Fortunately, there is a treatment for this disease using super-strong antibiotics.
    4. Canine Parvovirus – this is the scariest of all common doggie diseases (Canine Distemper is second) that people in an animal shelter environment worry about on a daily basis.  It is the most common infectious disease in dogs in the United States.  The number one symptom of Parvo is diarrhea that is often bloody.  What makes it even scarier is that the virus can live on anything (and everything) for five months… your clothes, your sofa, the grass in your backyard, you name it.  Anything that comes into contact with the Parvo virus should be wiped repeatedly in a bleach solution (some people even have to go as far as bleaching and killing all the grass in their yards).  The incubation time for the virus is 7-14 days which means that the dog may have the virus (and be spreading it everywhere) before it begins to show signs 14 days later.  The majority of cases of disease are seen in dogs less than 6 months of age with the most severe cases seen in puppies younger than 12 weeks of age. There are also significant differences in response to parvovirus infections and vaccines among different breeds of dogs, with Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, and Labrador Retrievers being more susceptible than other breeds.  There are two types of the Parvo virus.  With the most common, the symptoms will include vomiting (often severe), diarrhea, dehydration, dark or bloody feces, and in severe cases, fever.  The second most common type progresses very rapidly – with death occurring as early as two days from onset.  Again, the treatment for Parvo is mostly supportive (keeping the animal hydrated through IV fluids).  In some severe cases, blood transfusions may be necessary.  Undertaking the treatment of affected dogs and puppies without professional veterinary care is very difficult. Even with the best available care, the mortality of severely infected animals is extremely high. Without the correct amount of properly balanced intravenous fluids, the chance of recovery in a severely stricken animal is very small.
    5. Canine Coronavirus– this disease is the second leading diarrhea-causing disease in dogs (second to Parvo).  Unlike Parvo, vomiting is not common.  Unfortunately, many puppies who have Parvo also have Coronavirus, and vice versa.  Mortality rates in puppies with both diseases are as high as 90%.  Fortunately, it is easier to kill this virus on inanimate surfaces (your clothing, furniture, lawn) than it is to kill Parvo.  As with canine Parvovirus, there is no specific treatment for canine Coronavirus. It is very important to keep the patient, especially puppies, from developing dehydration. Water must be force fed or specially prepared fluids can be administered under the skin (subcutaneously) and/or intravenouslyto prevent dehydration.

Ok, so I know that was long and nasty but it’s really good information to know.  Now, you need to know WHEN to give your dog its shots.  It’s really easy.  As early as 3-4 weeks the dog should get an intranasal (nose spray) injection for Bordetella.  As early as possible (5 weeks at the earliest) the dog should get a shot for Parvo.  At 6, 9, 12, and 15 weeks the dog should get a combo shot cocktail (the DA2PPC).  Also, if you live geographically in an area where it’s necessary, the dog should get a Lyme preventative at 12 and 15 weeks.  At 12 weeks, the dog should get its Rabies shot.  Adults should get boosters of all of the above on a yearly basis.  ***If adopting  a puppy, make sure it’s had the shots listed above (in the required quantities based on age).  If you’re adopting an adult dog, you should see one of each type of injection on their medical form. 

Ok – last but not least – all dogs should be on Heartworm Preventative.  You need to get this from your vet.  You give your dog a pill or a little chewy tablet once a month… easy peasy.  You also need to have your pet tested yearly to ensure that there aren’t any heartworms that slipped past.  Heartworms are a MISERABLE way for an animal to live.  I mean, seriously…. Would you want to live with this?


Now, I’m not stupid.  I realize how truly expensive all of this can get.  The part of me that worked in an animal shelter says that if you couldn’t afford the dog you shouldn’t have gotten it in the first place.  The part of me that’s a pet owner to a truly expensive special needs dog knows that sometimes, no matter how prepared you are, you’re not prepared enough.  There’s a great article here that you can read that goes through the cost.  What I can tell you is that sometimes you get a dog like ours and that changes things DRASTICALLY.  Our dog has severe food allergies and is on a special diet.  She also has knee and hip problems (common in Labradors) and is on joint pills.  It also depends on the vet you go to.  Places like Banfield or your local Humane Society will offer services at a much lower cost.  We use VCA.  We pay more for it, but I think we get better care.  Regardless of where your dog gets its shots, the shots and the heartworm preventative are a MUST!

Alrighty folks – I hope that helps.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.  I’m by no means a vet, but if I can help answer them I will. 

* Most of my information (that I didn’t know from working with dogs for years and years) was found on the website – it’s a great source!

Ever wonder where you’d end up if you took your dog for a walk and never once pulled back on the leash? ~ Robert Brault

Yesterday was another afternoon spent at the local animal shelter.  I tell you, I love the few hours I get to spend there every week.  Puppy and kitten season are in full swing and this means that shelters around the country are filling up to capacity quick.  This particular shelter is already past capacity!  If you or someone you know has been considering adopting a pet, now is a great time. 

Here are the cuties I spent my day with yesterday:


Hi friends!  My name is Scrappy and I’m an adorable Boxer mix with the cutest little white markings.  Don’t you just love my ‘socks’?  I’m a very friendly pup who responds well to a leash.  I’ll be a great walking companion!  I do bark at other dogs but that’s just because I want to say hi and go play with them.  I have a kennel-mate right now and we’re best friends!  I love to chase balls and Frisbees but I haven’t quite figured out the ‘retrieve’ part yet.  Would you like to teach me?  I’m sure we’d be great friends!  Please come take me on a sleepover today!


What’s up ya’ll?  My name is Popeye and as you can see from my picture I have a beautiful shiny black coat.  You know I have to look good for the ladies right?  I’m a big boy (60+lbs) and all muscle but I walk really well on a leash for a beginner.  I’m responsive to ‘heel’ and if my owner is consistent with it there shouldn’t be any pulling problems.  I’m very calm in my kennel – I don’t bark or jump on the kennel gate.  I love to give kisses and just be loved on.  Please come see me today!


I love you, I love you, I love you!  That’s right, I don’t care who you are but I LOVE YOU!  My name is Homer and I’m the World’s Happiest Dog.  I love EVERYONE!  I’d be a fabulous family dog because I’m such a love bug.  Please give me belly rubs!  I don’t jump on strangers but I do wag my tail!  I do great on a leash and am very responsive to ‘heel’ and will have this down in no time.  Also, I’m good with cats!  If you’re looking for someone to love you unconditionally and play with your mini-humans (I think they’re called kids?) then I’m your man!  Please come see me and take me on a sleep over!!!


Hello, my name is Spencer!  I’m a very calm dog with a relaxed, easy-going personality.  I would do great with a single owner or a couple who lead a quiet, relaxed life.  I walk great on a leash and am good at ‘heel.’  I currently have a kennel mate and we’re great friends but I do need to be introduced to other dogs gently because there are just some dogs that ruffle my feathers.  If you’re looking for a sweet lap dog who wants to take a quiet evening stroll with you then I’m your guy.  Please come see me today!


HIIII!  My name is Jasper and I think I was a leg warmer in my past life.  I want to be in your lap getting loved on or by your side at all times!  I would be great for a retired person or couple who is home most of the day.  I have lots and lots of love to give!  I do well with other dogs, in fact, I have a kennel-mate right now who I get along with great.  I’m such a sweet, handsome boy, won’t you come see me today?


Howdy!  My name is Bethany and I’m a beautiful Staffordshire Terrier.  I’m a very sweet girl who just wants someone to take me on walks and play with me.  Like a lot of terriers, I have what’s called a high prey drive.  This means that I’m not good with other dogs, cats or small children.  I need an adult-only, experienced-owner home where I’m the only pet.  Don’t let my prey drive scare you though, I truly am a wonderful dog.  You’ll get hours of enjoyment watching me chase bugs in the grass too!  Grasshoppers are my favorite!  I respond well when you whistle as a call to ‘come’ and I’m learning to walk on a leash.  I like to give kisses too!  Please come play with me today!    


Hi friends!  My name is LuLu.  Aren’t I a pretty girl?  I need to put on a few pounds but with a loving home and some good, nutritious food I’ll be looking my best in no time.  I am a sweet dog who loves to give kisses and wants to play.  I like to chase balls and Frisbee’s but I haven’t quite figured out the whole ‘retrieve’ thing yet.  Perhaps you could teach me?  I’m good with cats and other dogs.  In fact, I have a kennel-mate now and we’re the best of friends.  It’s unlikely that I’d ever been on a leash before I came to the shelter because I have no idea what this ‘leash thing’ is all about so you’ll need to teach me.  The staff here at the shelter can give you some tips!  I’d love to go on a sleepover with you today!

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue. ~ Author Unknown

I spent another day at the local city animal shelter yesterday.  Here are the babies I got to work with:


Why hello there!  My name’s Theo!  I might look a little funny in my photo because the wonderful staff here had to shave my fur off because it was so matted.  If you’re looking for a great family dog then I’m your man!  I’m a good size for small children and I have enough energy to keep up with them!  I need a good walk every day with my family and will need regular grooming (approximately every 6-8 weeks).  I’m a sweet boy with a lovely personality.  Please come see me today and take me on a sleepover!!!


If you’re looking for a mild mannered girl then look no further!  When all the other dogs are bark-bark-barking I’m standing calmly at my door waiting for someone to come by and give me some lovin!  I’m a very powerful girl and it will take a strong arm to walk me.  I haven’t quite figured out how to heel yet but that’s mostly because I want to RUN.  I’d make a GREAT jogging partner!  Please come see me today and take me on a sleepover (and a morning jog!). 


Hi friends!  My name is Geronimo and I am one super happy dog.  Even when we’re on a walk my tail just wags and wags and wags.  Nothing gets me down!  A guy named Max Eastman who wrote Enjoyment of Laughter said ‘Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.’  We’re pretty sure he might have been talking about me!!!  I’m very receptive to the concept of ‘heel’ and with repetitive training from my human I’ll have this down in no time!  I’d love to go for a long walk or jog with you every day.  I’m good with other dogs too!  Please come see me today! 


Howdy howdy howdy!  My name is Buck and I’m definitely your typical Labrador.  I’m sweet as can be but full of energy and spunk!  I definitely need a jogging partner or acres of room to run!  I LOVE to play fetch with a ball or Frisbee although sometimes I prefer the game of Keep Away because it’s just funny!  I would do best with older children ages 12 and up because even though I’m fully grown I still play like a puppy which means I use my mouth in play a lot.  It’s all in good fun but sometimes I forget how big I am!  If you’re looking for a good ‘ol boy then come see me today! 

I came home bruised, battered, and exhausted but it was totally worth it.