Fab Feature – Lacquer & Linen

A few months ago I featured this fabulous boys nursery room from Orchard Girls. Well, I have an equally fabulous girls nursery room for you today from Lacquer & Linen. I actually found this by accident when I was looking for ideas to make over an Ikea dresser I have. Upon following the link I stumbled onto the beautiful room that Sarah created for her baby girl and fell in love.

Want to know why?

It’s because Sarah and I share a dislike for the color pink.

Even though I don’t want kids, back in the day I thought I did want them and I actually stressed over what I would do for nursery colors if I had a girl. I hate pink! I love how Sarah combined the white and grey neutrals (my faves) with coral to give it a girly vibe without looking like pink cotton candy exploded everywhere. It’s just fabulous! Plus, she DIYed a lot of projects which gets her major points in my book.

Please pin this awesomeness from the original source by clicking on the photo.

Please pin this awesomeness from the original source by clicking on the photo.

Okay can I just say how much I absolutely adore that light??? Omg!

And that wingback rocking chair??? We love wingbacks in our house and I love to rock or swing. I’d want this in my house even without a kiddo to rock in it (I can rock the cats right??).

Please pin this awesomeness from the original source by clicking on the photo.

Please pin this awesomeness from the original source by clicking on the photo.

Oh and here’s the Ikea Hemnes dresser makeover that originally brought me to Sarah’s blog. Isn’t it fabulous? I can’t wait to do something similar with some Ikea dressers we have in our master bedroom.

Want to see more photos of this fabulous space or some of Sarah’s other great projects?  Go check out Lacquer & Linen today!

Fab Feature – Orchard Girls

If you’ve been reading my blog for any point of time then you know that all of my kids have four legs and a tail.  If you know me at all on a personal level then you know that the only kids I will ever have will have four legs and a tail.  That being said, I can still appreciate super cute kid stuff like this fabulous little boy nursery mood board from Orchard Girls.


Please pin directly from Orchard Girls.

I mean really, how stinking cute is that??? Let’s play the favorite part game!  Mine would be that woodland painting with the Pinterest link that, of course, leads to nowhere.  Go figure.  Ha!

Be sure to come back on Wednesday for Window Shopping Wednesday because I’ll be hosting my first ever giveaway from a shop I L*O*V*E!!! See you soon!

Window Shopping Wednesday – Honey be Good

Holy moley my loves!  I ran across this shop the other day and OMG!!!  Talk about some cuuuuute fabrics!  Eek!  Plus, they’re good for you and the environment.  Check it out…

All of the cotton fabric in our shop is certified organic by either The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or the Organic Exchange. Look for the ‘Growth and Production’ tab on the fabric detail page for information on the certifying entity.

We also carry hemp blends. Hemp is naturally pest-resistant, uses less water than cotton and is generally considered a sustainable crop not needing certification. Our solid color hemp fabric is a hemp/lyocel blend. The hand screen-printed textiles are on a hemp/GOTS organic cotton base cloth.

This weeks featured shop:  Honey Be Good

This Modern Home Fat Quarter Bundle … oh… what can I say about it?  Uhh, I’m in love with the llamas?  So stinking adorable.  This would make a to die for quilt.

Modern Home Fat Quarter Bundle

I {heart} these Banksia Trees!  Can’t you just imagine a pillow made with this fabric?

Banksia Bloom - Banksia Trees

This print is called Chick Chick by Nancy Mims and if you look reeeaaaal close you’ll notice that the redish color is actually hens standing on top of eggs.  Cheeky!  For some reason I’d really like to put this fabric on something in our screened patio.

Chick Chick by Nancy Mims

This print is called Harmony Art Sateen – 10 Flowers and I can totally see this in a little girls room somewhere… perhaps as a line of fabric on the bottom of a solid white quilt?  So sweet.

Harmony Art Sateen - 10 Flowers

My MIL is going through a bit of a bird phase and I’m sure she’d love this Little Blue Birds print by Havana.  This would be really cute as a seat cover on a screened in patio chair.

Havana - Little Blue Birds

When I saw this fabric I thought “how mod!” which is funny considering it’s called MicroMod – Tick Tock White.  To add a bit of glitz, I would sew clear sequins onto the small white dots in the center.

MicroMod - Tick Tock White

I think this New Leaf – Festoon fabric would make an adorable skirt for the spring, especially if topped with a cardigan set.

New Leaf - Festoon

Have a little one in your life?  This Nursery Flannel – Ele-fête! might just be the perfect thing!

Nursery Flannel - Ele-fête!

This Raaga – Roost print is just lovely.  I love the colors and you know I love me some peacocks.

Raaga - Roost

Does this make anyone else want to hoard fabric or is it just me?

Happy shopping!

Window Shopping Wednesday – West Elm (Furniture only)

I love spring.  I love decorating for spring.  I want my house to be finished so that I can decorate for spring.  Lots of wishful thinking going on around here, haha.  I’ve been eyeing some goodies from West Elm for a while now and I dedcided to do a Window Shopping Wednesday tour of West Elm for the next few weeks just like I did with Z Gallerie a while back.  Ready to get this party started?

This weeks featured shop:  West Elm Furniture

I’m kinda loving this Oliver Chair.  I even love this tropical print although if you’re not digging it, it also comes in several other (tamer) fabrics.

oliver chair

This Sutton Sofette is the perfect size for small apartment or even for the end of the bed if you have a really large bedroom.  Those clean lines are just yummy.

Sutton Sofette

This Carved Wood Side Table would make a great addition to any room.  It’s neutral enough to go practically anywhere and it’s slightly Moroccan look adds an international flair!

Carved Wood Side Table

In case you’ve been living under a rock let me clue you in… the industrial look is all the rage right now.  What I love most about it is that it looks good AND it’s functional.  What a concept!  This rolling cart (which comes in several different sizes) is a great looking storage option.  I can just see this in a kitchen loaded down with labeled glass jars showcasing items like flour, sugar, rice, etc.

Design Workshop Rolling Carts

Bone inlay + a herringbone pattern… COME TO MAMA!  This wall mirror would look exquisite if you had two side-by-side over a long bathroom vanity.  Oooo!  I want!!

Parsons Wall Mirror - Bone Inlay

These dining chairs are so posh.  I think they could glam up any space in no time.  Don’t you just love them?

Willoughby Dining Chair

This wood-tiled dresser just screams ‘nursery’ to me.  It could be used for a boy or girl and then be used later on down the line once they’re all grown up.

Wood Tiled 6-Drawer Dresser

Thanks for shopping with me today!

Master Bedroom… Decisons Are Made!!!

inspiration photo

So I think we’ve finally figured it out!  We’ve found a picture that both my husband and I can agree on for our master bedroom.  Even better, the bed we’ve already purchased is nearly identical to the one pictured.  Yippee!  My inspiration picture (above) is from Gary Riggs Home via Pinterest.

We already have the bed.  It’s the Erin Cute as a Button Bed from World Market. 

erin cute as a button bed

We also have our nightstands and a dresser.  They’re all from Ikea. 

Ikea Hemnes 8-drawer dresser

Ikea Hemnes 8-drawer dresser


2 Malm 3-drawer chests (used as nightstands)

2 Malm 3-drawer chests (used as nightstands)

We’ve pretty much decided that instead of lamps on the nightstands, we’d rather have these Ribba Frames with overhead Lights in aluminum. 

ribba aluminum frame

ribba aluminum led light

In keeping with the grey, lavender, and yellow theme of our inspiration picture, these are some pictures I’m considering for the Ribba frames. 

Yellow Wheat

Yellow Wheat


Lavender Blossom Branch

Lavender Blossom Branch


Chrysanthemum Macro Photograph

Chrysanthemum Macro Photograph


Stair Flowers

Stair Flowers


Liriope Blooms

Liriope Blooms


Yellow Ranunculus

Yellow Ranunculus


Yellow Autumn Leaves

Yellow Autumn Leaves

I know I don’t want the same photo in each frame but I do want for the photos to be similar colors.  I think it’ll take a while to find exactly what I’m looking for.  Then again, we could do black and white…

As far as bedding is concerned, I’ve found the following:

Barbara Berry Quilt in Dusk

Barbara Berry Quilt in Dusk

and this

Stella Quilt

Stella Quilt

and this

Nostalgia Quilt

Nostalgia Quilt

I haven’t had much luck finding other grey-ish lavender coverlets.  Apparently this is going to take some intensive searching on my part. 

I also found these throw pillows:

Gold Velvet Throw Pillow

Gold Velvet Throw Pillow


Tornado Velvet Throw Pillow

Tornado Velvet Throw Pillow


Chinchilla Pillow (not real!)

Chinchilla Pillow (not real!)


Benito Pillow

Benito Pillow


Purple Corner Scrolls

Purple Corner Scrolls


Velvet Bergdorf

Velvet Bergdorf


We still want to incorporate this Cuddler Chair from Z Gallerie with a throw (like the one that follows).

cuddler chair

Saffron Cable Knit Throw

saffron cable knit throw

We’ll definitely need lighting behind that cuddle chair and I think this light is right up our alley.

dexter floor lamp

In the picture, there’s a nifty yellow chair similar to this Valencia Club Chair in Butter.  I’m not sure if we’d actually have space for this chair but it’s possible. 

Valencia Club Chair, Butter

Where I get stuck is this… our floors are not that rich, warm wood tone like in our inspiration photo.  Instead, they’re a light cream color similar to this below:

cottage cream

Because the color is so similar to that of the bed, I want to use a darker rug to anchor the room.  I’m leaning towards grey.  If I choose grey, however, then what color do I paint the walls?  Do I use a light cream like the photo?  A light grey?  A grey-ish lavender?  I’m at a loss. 

Here are some rugs I’m considering:

Damask Grey Rug

Damask Grey Rug


Calum Grey Rug

Calum Grey Rug


Shag Grey Rug

Shag Grey Rug


The Wild Grey Rug

The Wild Grey Rug

And last but certainly not least… I’m considering doing this ‘above the headboard’ treatment with a white sheer and some sort of sunburst mirror. 

above the bed treatment

What do you think?  I’d love your suggestions.

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Window Shopping Wednesday – The Divine Chair

So the husband and I have been searching and searching for a wingback chair for him.  As I mentioned previously, we think we like this one.  It’s expensive though so we’re looking for alternatives.  This weekend, we went to Ikea to pick up a few goodies for Christmas and we came across their new wingback chairs.  It’s grey, which we wanted, but it’s really low to the ground which makes it a no-go for the hubby.  Sigh.  $279 was looking much better than $1000.

Anyheezie… after our little Ikea trip we were driving to dinner and we passed by a thrift store that had this super nifty chair sitting outside – it looked like it was something straight out of Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland chair

(like this one above except I’m fairly certain it was tufted brown leather).  My friend L who was with us freaked.  I thought she might crawl out my cars passenger window.  She loved that chair and said if there was any way she could get it back to Dallas then she would!  (I’m sad to say – we didn’t actually stop to buy the chair).

This got me thinking about chairs in general; they can be plain and functional but they can also be statement pieces.  This brings me to this weeks Window Shopping Wednesday where we’re featuring a shop that specializes in statement chairs.  These babies are works of art.

This weeks featured shop:  The Divine Chair and they are divine!

This Andi chair would be fabulous in a modern bachelorettes pad.  I just love the funky shape of this chair!

andi chair

If you like things a little more muted then these Beba chairs would be right up your alley.  I can definitely see these in a bedroom sitting area or even as dining room chairs.


These Tina chairs just make me happy.  These would be absolutely stunning as the ‘head’ chairs at a dining room table.


I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m really into the peacock trend.  If this Donal chair had either turquoise, royal blue, or a deep purple instead of the red/orange/yellow then this baby would be coming to live at my house.  Even with the red/orange/yellow, this chair is fab.


And speaking of trends, if chevron is your thing then this Apple chair is for you.


Make sure you go check out The Divine Chair today!!

Living Room – The Plan (Part 2)

Do you guys remember the post I did the other day about our living room

Well, I think that I have, maybe just maybe, made some deicions.  You see, I love the size and shape of the couch we have but the fabric is just ugly.  I’ve been wanting to avoid buying a new couch but it’s becoming more and more apparent that we probably just need to sell the sucker and get a new one.  I think I’ve found a new couch and a rug at Ikea.  They’re not ideal, but they’re relatively inexpensive and we only need this furniture to last us 10 years or so.  I do love the fact that the Ikea couch is slipcovered.  It makes it SO EASY to keep clean!  Yippee. 

I already told you that we bought two new cream chairs and a glass coffee table.  Here they are:

We’re also seriously considering this wingback for the “hubby chair” (it’s from Pottery Barn).

Here’s the couch and the rug that we’re thinking about from Ikea.  We would definitely repaint the couch legs.  That birch color just isn’t working for me. 

What do you think?  Will this look good together?  We want to keep the space neutral so that we can change our accent color with the seasons. 

We’re also seriously considering putting the nifty wall art/mirror that we purchased for the living room in the dining room instead.  Who knows.  🙂  I swear I’m not ADD but you’d think I was with all of this crazy design stuff I have going on in my head.

Living Room – The Plan

So I mentioned the other day that we had some new additions to our Master Bedroom.  We’ve also started working on the furniture and accessories for our Living Room.

Here’s a REALLY rough drawing of the living room layout.  No laughing at my awful drawing skills.

We (and by ‘we’ I mean my mom) purchased two of these Addyson Chairs from Pier 1.  They’ll face the couch and there will be some sort of small side table in between the two.   

We also purchased this Chasca Coffee Table from Pier 1.  It’ll go in front of the couch. 

The third and final thing we purchased from Pier 1 is this Cosmopolitan Wall Panel.  The picture does not do this thing justice.  In fact, this picture is ugly.  Trust me, what we bought isn’t ugly.  It’s part wood and part mirror.  The parts below that look grey and orange are really wood slats that are painted silver and gold.  The white parts below are actually mirrors.  It’s really freaking cool looking in real life.  And we got a steal of a deal because some of the mirrors are missing.  We are fairly certain we can either replace those ourselves or have it done at the local mirror shop for pennies on the dollar. 

Where I’m really getting stuck is the rug.  I just can’t decide what I want.  Do I want a pattern?  Something solid?  I just don’t know!  Here are a few that I like:

Verona Rahni Grey Zebra Rug

Or what about this Peacock rug by Nourison.  I think it’s probably too much for this room though.  We’re trying to keep it pretty neutral in there. 

Or we might go for something really muted such as this Indochine Rug in Platinum from Z Gallerie.

We have an absolutely HUGE cream colored couch that we’d like to use if for no other reason than saving money.  This is not the couch but it’s the approximation of its color as well as our floor color (we have cream tile that’s actually about the same shade as the couch in this photo).

Lastly, my husband also fell in love with my mom’s wingback chairs and has “demanded” one of his own.  Every man should have his Man Chair so in order to oblige, we’re seriously considering this Gramercy Wingback from Pottery Barn:

What do you think?  Will it all come together?

Master Bedroom Update – The Plan

So we have some new goodies in our house.  We’re still renovating (here and here) and we’ve basically just started (hubby just started pulling wallpaper off the soon-to-be master bedroom/bathroom) but we’ve already purchased some new items for our bedroom, living room, and dining room. 

We’d like to get the master bed/bath done first, then get the yards (front and back) prepped for spring planting.  Afterwards, we plan to work on the dining room and living room and then the rest of the house.  Or, at least that’s the plan for now.  Lord knows it could change tomorrow. 

For the bedroom we purchased this cutie.  It’s the Cute as a Button bed from World Market. 

We already own this Ikea Hemnes 8-drawer Chest

We’re not entirely sure what we’re going to do for nightstands at this time.  We don’t want to use the ones we already have.  BUT, I have a fabulous idea for nightstand lighting.  We’re going to pair these Ribba Frames in Walnut from Ikea with the Ribba LED Picture Lights in Aluminum.  We haven’t decided on art yet but we could put anything in those frames until then – fabric, scrapbook paper, wallpaper, photos we already have, you name it!

Also – no clue on bed sheets but I’m thinking we’ll pick a color (possibly royal blue?) from the buttons and use those for sheets and we may just go with a plain white duvet cover and a colorful throw. 

I’m sincerely contemplating these Tejn Faux Sheepskin rugs from Ikea for either side of the bed as well.  I have no clue what actual area rug we’ll use but I think these would be really nice to sink your toes into first thing in the morning.

I mentioned I didn’t know what area rug we’d use but I am really loving this White Chevron rug by Joseph Abboud.

Then we’d like to add this Cuddler Chair from Z Gallerie in a camel color fabric (it’s been on my wishlist FOREVER).

We’re also planning on putting this Enzo Floor Lamp (or something similar) behind the Cuddler Chair.

I’m also working on a project that I’m hoping we’ll be able to find room for in our master but if not, it can definitely go in the sunroom.  Can’t wait to share that with you soon too. 

What do you think?  Is this going to come together ok?  I’m much more confident about this space than I am about the Living Room.  Come back Monday for a peek!

Window Shopping Wednesday – Z Gallerie (furniture)

So my office is in a multi-use space that has our local city hall, lots of restaurants and shops, office space (obviously) and even some really expensive condos.  It’s a nifty little area and I’m very happy to work here.  One of the shops nearby is Z Gallerie and honestly, it’s just torture to drive/walk by every day and not go in and spend my entire paycheck (and my Husbands).  I walked by today and nearly had to physically restrain myself.  I loooove their stuff.  So, in order to save my checkbook I figured we’d go perusing today.

This weeks featured shop:  Z Gallerie (the furniture section)

I love the classic lines of this Pauline Sofa and it’s available in grey (my preferred sofa color). It even has nailhead trim.  Swoon.

This Oscar Sofa is outstanding as well.  Sadly, it’s only available in white which would never work in our house.  I just adore those rolled arms, the tufted seat (and more nailhead trim!).

I realize chevron is all the rage right now and that it may be getting old to some of you and that more than likely it will eventually go out of style.  Until then though, I’m loving this Storage Bench in Zig Zag.

I like the sleek and somewhat feminine lines of this Cosmopolitan End Table.  Also, since it’s glass, it doesn’t take up much visual space so you could use it just about anywhere.

I love mirrored furniture.  It adds great light and texture to a room.  I wouldn’t use it for something that you use multiple times a day though or you’d be super frustrated with the fingerprints.  Using this Borghese Mirrored Side Chest as an end table would be a great way to incorporate a piece like this.

I’m of the opinion that if you have a formal dining room, it should be exactly that… formal.  I have so much fun dressing up our dining room table for special occasions.  These Lola Side Chairs add just the right amount of glam without being overpowering.

I think these Hyacinth Chairs would add an amazing amount of texture to a room.  I’d use these in the breakfast area.  I would definitely add some plush cushions to pad the bottoms.

I have been ooo-ing and ahh-ing over this Chambers Chaise for quite a while now.  I want so badly to put this in our master bedroom.  It’d also be amazing in a sunroom if you have one.

These Bailey Chairs would make great little occasional chairs.  Since they don’t have arms, they appear to be smaller visually than they actually are which means they’d fit well into small rooms.  There are several fabric patterns to choose from including Linx (shown), Zig Zag (in a mustardy yellow), Zig Zag (in black), and Zebra (in a light grey).

Doesn’t this Colonial Accent Chair just scream ‘come sit on me with a book and a glass of lemonade!’  Yes please!

Confession.  I’ve been eyeballing these Cuddler Chairs  for about five years now.  Even the Husband knows that I absolutely *HAVE TO HAVE ONE*!!!!  This would be my all-time favorite reading spot in the house.

I L-O-V-E this Victoria Sleigh Bed.  It needs to come home with me right now!  Husband says it’s “too girly” but fortunately for me we agreed a loooong time ago that he gets to decorate/organize the garage and his office any way he wants but that the rest of the house is MINE!  Come to mama!

I’m fairly certain I just virtually spent six months’ worth of my salary but wouldn’t my house be just fabulous?