Window Shopping Wednesday – Wisteria (Furniture only)

Ready to do some shopping?  Let’s do this thing!

This weeks featured shop: Wisteria (furniture only)

I am truly, madly, deeply in love with this French Country Dining Table.  It comes with FIVE leaves and can be small enough for a family of four or extended out to encompass your extended family and then some!  We have a huge family and this table would be absolutely PERFECT!

French Country Dining Table with Leaves

This Colonial Column Side Table is so much fun.  I love the cheery teal color (although it comes in other colors if you’re not a fan).  This would be perfect in a bathroom or as a side table by a reading chair.

Colonial Column Side Table

How cute are these Nature Nesting Tables?  I love the texture that the wood adds to the room and the space they take up is minimal.  Great for a small spot!

Nature's Nesting Tables

This Mid-Century Modern Console Table has fabulous sleek lines.  I think this would look lovely in any entry way.

Mid-Century Modern Console Table - Black

Sexy.  That’s the word that comes to mind when I see this Spanish Travertine-Top Coffee Table.  I just adore the turned legs, the black and white color scheme, and the travertine top.  What a wonderfully thought out piece.

Spanish Travertine-Top Coffee Table

Have kids?  This Time Out Timer Stool might be just the thing you need.  I don’t have kids and I still think it’s funny.

Time Out Timer Stool

If you’ve got some dough and are really looking for a statement piece you’ll find it in this Moorish Bone Bench.  Talk about exquisite!

Moorish Bone Bench

Moorish Bone Bench Detail

The Kilim Bench in Anatole would add a fun pop of color and pattern to any room.

Kilim Bench - Anatole

This Versailles Chest of Drawers is so feminine and dainty.  I love the bowed legs and the white detailing.  So pretty!

Versailles Chest of Drawers

I love the classic look of this properly named Classical Bookcase.  It would be fantastic for showing off display pieces, storing china in your dining room, or actually working as a bookcase.

Classical Bookcase

Oh my.  My oh my!  This Reclaimed Pine Bookcase needs to come live in my kitchen.  What wonderful storage and display space wrapped up in such a fine package.

Reclaimed Pine Bookcase

If you like the more industrial look, this Handy Basket Shelf might be right up your alley.  Really snazzy.

Handy Basket Shelves

Thanks for shopping with me today!

Living Room – The Plan (Part 2)

Do you guys remember the post I did the other day about our living room

Well, I think that I have, maybe just maybe, made some deicions.  You see, I love the size and shape of the couch we have but the fabric is just ugly.  I’ve been wanting to avoid buying a new couch but it’s becoming more and more apparent that we probably just need to sell the sucker and get a new one.  I think I’ve found a new couch and a rug at Ikea.  They’re not ideal, but they’re relatively inexpensive and we only need this furniture to last us 10 years or so.  I do love the fact that the Ikea couch is slipcovered.  It makes it SO EASY to keep clean!  Yippee. 

I already told you that we bought two new cream chairs and a glass coffee table.  Here they are:

We’re also seriously considering this wingback for the “hubby chair” (it’s from Pottery Barn).

Here’s the couch and the rug that we’re thinking about from Ikea.  We would definitely repaint the couch legs.  That birch color just isn’t working for me. 

What do you think?  Will this look good together?  We want to keep the space neutral so that we can change our accent color with the seasons. 

We’re also seriously considering putting the nifty wall art/mirror that we purchased for the living room in the dining room instead.  Who knows.  🙂  I swear I’m not ADD but you’d think I was with all of this crazy design stuff I have going on in my head.

Living Room – The Plan

So I mentioned the other day that we had some new additions to our Master Bedroom.  We’ve also started working on the furniture and accessories for our Living Room.

Here’s a REALLY rough drawing of the living room layout.  No laughing at my awful drawing skills.

We (and by ‘we’ I mean my mom) purchased two of these Addyson Chairs from Pier 1.  They’ll face the couch and there will be some sort of small side table in between the two.   

We also purchased this Chasca Coffee Table from Pier 1.  It’ll go in front of the couch. 

The third and final thing we purchased from Pier 1 is this Cosmopolitan Wall Panel.  The picture does not do this thing justice.  In fact, this picture is ugly.  Trust me, what we bought isn’t ugly.  It’s part wood and part mirror.  The parts below that look grey and orange are really wood slats that are painted silver and gold.  The white parts below are actually mirrors.  It’s really freaking cool looking in real life.  And we got a steal of a deal because some of the mirrors are missing.  We are fairly certain we can either replace those ourselves or have it done at the local mirror shop for pennies on the dollar. 

Where I’m really getting stuck is the rug.  I just can’t decide what I want.  Do I want a pattern?  Something solid?  I just don’t know!  Here are a few that I like:

Verona Rahni Grey Zebra Rug

Or what about this Peacock rug by Nourison.  I think it’s probably too much for this room though.  We’re trying to keep it pretty neutral in there. 

Or we might go for something really muted such as this Indochine Rug in Platinum from Z Gallerie.

We have an absolutely HUGE cream colored couch that we’d like to use if for no other reason than saving money.  This is not the couch but it’s the approximation of its color as well as our floor color (we have cream tile that’s actually about the same shade as the couch in this photo).

Lastly, my husband also fell in love with my mom’s wingback chairs and has “demanded” one of his own.  Every man should have his Man Chair so in order to oblige, we’re seriously considering this Gramercy Wingback from Pottery Barn:

What do you think?  Will it all come together?

Trundle Coffee Table

What do you think of this Trundle Coffee Table from Ana White

I’ve gotta tell you, at first I wasn’t all that impressed.  She calls this her “20 Second Tidy Up Coffee Table” which I totally get, especially if you have kids.  However, I don’t have kids.  Well, I do, but she’s the four-legged & furry variety.  But that’s when inspiration struck!  If you have a dog I’m sure you know what I’m talking about… we have a box of her toys in one room and by the end of the day, it’s like a squeaky toy mine field in our house.  Those suckers are EVERYWHERE!  So, I wonder… could I put half of them in this coffee table and let her play with the other half and rotate them out every few days?  Would I remember to rotate them?  Would she smell them hiding in there and rip the table to shreds in an attempt to get them out?  There’s a lot to think about here….

What are your thoughts?