Movie Review: Drive

Have you seen this movie?  I honestly can’t remember what possessed me to decide to Netflix it but nonetheless it showed up in my mailbox the other day so the hubs and I decided to watch it.  Here’s the synopsis that’s listed on Netflix’s website … “A Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver is lured from his isolated life by a lovely neighbor and her young son. His newfound peace is shattered, however, when her violent husband is released from prison.”

SPOILER ALERT (stop reading this paragraph if you don’t want to know) – doesn’t that synopsis lead you to believe that perhaps the husband who comes home is pissed to find some guy with his wife and that they’re gonna duke it out?  That’s what I got from that.  Turns out, the husband isn’t violent at all.  He’s just an idiot. 

Ok, spoiler alert over. 

The movie is dark.  And violent.  And the violence is extremely unexpected.  It sort of shows up out of the blue.  When it did, Hubs turned to me and said ‘I didn’t realize this was THAT kind of movie.’  Well said Husband, neither did I. 

Drive definitely has a Sundance Film Festival feel to it.  It’s definitely more artsy than action-y even though there’s some action and violence.  Ryan Gosling, who plays the main character (whose name we never get by the way) has about ten words in the entire movie.  His character is very quiet and broody.  Honestly I couldn’t figure the guy out.  We get absolutely zero backstory on him.  Is he quiet because he’s just a quiet guy?  Is he harboring some serious anger and violent tendencies?  Is he half mime?  Who knows.  You never do find out anything about the guy. 

Personally, I thought the movie was dull and gory.  It got good reviews from critics but only so-so reviews from ‘the common viewer’ but I wouldn’t watch it again.  Guess that makes me a common viewer. 

If you saw this movie what did you think? 

Sidenote:  it’s really strange to see Albert Brooks play a bad guy.  Like a stab-someone-in-the-eye-with-a-fork bad guy.  The only other movies I know him from are Finding Nemo and The In-Laws.  In both movies he plays a cowardly geek of a father.  I kept seeing him in the scene in The In-Laws where he ends up in the hot tub with the gay arms dealer.  It was hard to see that guy as a bad guy. 

Side-sidenote:  what the heck was the costumer thinking in this movie?  What’s with the silver puffy quilt jacket with yellow scorpions on it that Gosling wears throughout the movie?  Does his character just have no fashion sense?  Does he secretly worship in a scorpion cult?  Does he have a poisonous stinger growing out of his bum?  I just don’t get it.  For a guy who is a tough guy he looks ridiculous in this outfit.