Window Shopping Wednesday – Wisteria (Accessories only)

Well I don’t know about you guys but after last week I can’t wait to see what else Wisteria has to offer.  I looooved their furniture.  Ready to check it out?

This weeks featured shop:  Wisteria (Accessories only)

You guys know me and my love of whimsy. I’d love to have these adorable mouse shakers!  (Update:  I got these cuties for Christmas as a gift from my mom!)

mouse shakers

This florist’s bud holder is so sweet.  What a great way to show off individual blooms!

florists best bud holder

There are several beautiful blue vases available but my favorite is the milk bottle pictured in the middle.

blue milk bottle vase

My oh my!  How nifty is this lamp?  Soooo cool!

Gilt Balustrade Lamp

These nautical rope lanterns would be great for outdoor get-togethers over the summer.

Nautical Rope Lantern

I love the bright colors in this doormat.  I wish this baby came in a full-size rug for my patio seating area!

Mediterranean Doormat

These painted paddles would add so much character to your outdoor space and there are a zillion ways you could display them.  Wish they could come live at my house!

Mariner's Paddles

Aaaahhhh!  I WANT!!!  He needs to come live with me!

Ahab's Mighty Moby

These rock ducks are so cute and right up my MIL’s alley.

Creek Rock Ducks

We have a smaaaaall obsession with turtles in our house and this sweet baby is available in both blue and pink.  {heart}

Blue Aquatic Life Pillow Cover

Drip Drop Painted Terra Cotta Pot

So I’ve been on a bit of what I call an interior gardening kick lately.  Basically, I have a small houseplant problem and might be running out of places to put them.  Anyway, I ran across this adorable little cactus the other day and decided to paint a terra cotta pot to showcase it.  The colors will make a tad bit more sense later – I have another craft project that I’ll hopefully get around to some day that includes these colors.

Anywho – I went to my local Michael’s and picked up a terra cotta pot and some terra cotta paints (they’re right by the pots so they’re easy to find).  Then when I got home I just turned the sucker upside down and dripped a few paint drops and let them rooooll on down the sides.  Quick, easy, and still cute.  Score!

(painting terracotta pots 4)-edited


(painting terracotta pots 2)-edited

I’ve also done some research and looked up some other painted terra cotta pots for inspirational ideas.  Have a look and click on the ‘source’ beneath the pictures to be taken to the originator…

Solid Painted Terra Cotta Planters


Colorblock Painted Terra Cotta Planters


Lady Bug Painted Clay Pot


Neon painted terra cotta pots

In Honor and Remembrance: My February RAOK in Honor of Sandy Hook

Every month on the 14th I’m going to practice a Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) in honor of the 26 victims who lost their lives in the Sandy Hook tragedy on December 14, 2012.  If you didn’t read my original post, you can go here to check it out.

raok sandy hook

Yall!  I just cannot even begin to explain to you what an incredible experience this month’s RAOK was.  It was just so amazing!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this month’s RAOK fell on Valentines Day which posed an interesting conundrum.  Most people would have plans… so what did that leave me with?  Well, I started thinking about those people that wouldn’t have plans and when I did that, nursing homes popped into my head.  In all likelihood I figured that those persons living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities would be in the back of other people’s minds on Valentines Day.  So, I decided I wanted to bring flowers to some nursing homes to hand out. 

And then a miracle happened.

flower muse

I contacted a bulk florist supplier called Flower Muse and presented them with my idea.  I told them what I wanted to do and why I was doing it and then I asked if they would be interested in sending me some flowers.  Never in a million years did I expect the blessing I received. 

They sent me 250 assorted roses. 

Yep, you read that right… 250. 

Do you have any idea what roses cost?  Especially on Valentines Day?!?!?!

I don’t think I could have purchased 250 roses with an entire paycheck!

You guys should have seen me the day that Flower Muse told me that they were going to make this donation to me.  I was freaking out and bouncing off the wall.  I even sent elated messages to my husband, my mom, and some of my best girlfriends.  God is SO GOOD and he gave me an immense blessing that day using Flower Muse as my angels. 

I should mention that not only were they a blessing but they were amazing to deal with.  Eleanor and I emailed back several times and she was fabulous.  I even received an email from their Customer Service department the day before the roses shipped telling me exactly how to care for them.  What service!

And the roses.  OMG the roses!  They were so fresh and smelled so incredible!  My whole house and my car smell like them now.  It’s fabulous.  And they’ve lasted great!

I received this enormous box on the 12th.

Picture 003 - edited

Then my husband and I set up a flower prep station in our living room on the night of the 12th and 13th and spent our evenings after dinner trimming the bottoms of the roses, taking off all of the thorns (don’t need any sweet old ladies bleeding!) and getting all of these beauties in fresh water. 

Picture 006 - edited Picture 009 - edited

Needless to say one of our new kittens was very curious about what was going on. 

Picture 007 - edited

Here’s what all these lovely roses looked like once they were ready to go…

Picture 017 - edited Picture 016 - edited

We received roses in the following colors: red, deep red, white, yellow, peach, pink, and flame kissed.  Just gorgeous!

Then, on the 14th, I loaded up my car (aka the flower taxi) and headed to the first Nursing Home/Assisted Living Facility. 

Picture 022 - edited Picture 024 - edited

Two of my girlfriends and one sweet little baby joined me for my expedition and we had a blast bring smiles to the faces of so many.  It was just an incredible experience. 

SAM_6761 - edited SAM_6764 - edited

I have to say that the baby may have been more of a hit than the flowers though.  Haha.  He’s pretty stinkin cute though so it’s ok. 

SAM_6760 - edited SAM_6759 - edited

Once everyone had a flower at location one we left and headed to location two for a repeat performance. 

We received so many questions about why we were handing out flowers, were we selling them, or what group were we with.  It was funny to see the expressions on their faces when we told them just because, they’re free, and we’re not with anyone.  They seemed truly surprised.  I just adored hearing stories from these ladies about how their husbands always brought them roses on Valentines Day and each lady had a reason why she picked the color rose she did (the yellow were a HUGE hit).  There’s lots of stories to be heard in these types of facilities. 

Probably the cutest and funniest thing that happened was at the last place we went we handed out flowers in the memory ward.  This is where persons suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia live.  We met this very sweet old lady who, naturally, was repeating herself but she kept telling us how pretty we were and that if we were ugly, she wouldn’t want the flower we were giving her.  It totally cracked us up.  It’s always nice to hear you’re beautiful, especially on Valentines Day!

Once we’d visited those two facilities we still had lots of roses left over so we made a trip to my neighborhood to hand them out by the dozen to several sweet ladies who live nearby.  I live in an older neighborhood so there are lots of widows who I knew most likely wouldn’t be receiving anything on Valentines Day and I wanted to bless them.  One lady cried.  One was so shocked she just kept asking me “why?”  It was very sweet. 

All in all I don’t think my Valentines Day could have been any more special.  My husband blessed me with an amazing gift of service when he helped me to prepare 250 roses, I got to spend it with two of my besties and I got to bring smiles to the faces of nearly a hundred people.  You couldn’t ask for a better day!

What about you?  Did you do an RAOK on Thursday in honor of Sandy Hook?  I would love to hear your story!

Note:  I should mention that I was in no way asked to tell you guys about Flower Muse and how incredible they are… they’re just THAT incredible.  I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a bulk florist supplier for any reason!  I’m not the only one who loves them either.  You can read all about Michelle from 4 Men 1 Lady’s experience with her Flower Muse flowers by clicking here.

Window Shopping Wednesday – Boutonnières without fresh flowers

One of my coworkers is getting married this year and we’ve been discussing several options for boutonnières.  She’s set on fresh flowers, and I get it.  I had fresh-flower boutonnières at my wedding.  They looked like this:


That being said, I just love the idea of using non-fresh flower “ingredients” to make a boutonnière.  So, I did some searching for you (because I’m nice like that) and here are a few of my favorites…

This weeks featured item:  boutonnières without fresh flowers

If you’re having an outdoor wedding then I think this Rustic Burlap Boutonniere is a great fit for you.  The buttons, the feathers, the burlap – they come together seamlessly.  I love it.

Rustic Burlap Boutonniere

I think feathers should be standard-issue in every wedding.  They add great form and texture and come in such an incredible array of colors and patterns.  This Feather Boutonnière would be absolutely amazing for a fall wedding.  Just lovely.

Feather Boutonnière

If you’re a bit quirky and plan to have some FUN at your wedding and not take the whole thing too seriously then consider these Vintage Inspired Clothespin and Soda Pop Bottle Top Boutonnieres and Corsages.  So stinking cute!  And come on, these would totally be the talk of the wedding!

Vintage Inspired Clothespin and Soda Pop Bottle Top Boutonnieres and Corsages

So let’s be real here – in all likelihood the groom has had pretty much zero say in anything about the wedding.  Shouldn’t he get at least some input into what he wears that day?  I think it’d be great to incorporate some of your husband-to-be’s favorite past times and if he’s a fisher, then this Fisherman’s Boutonniere would be just the way to do that.

Fisherman's Boutonniere

If your wedding venue also happens to be a winery or vineyard then these Rustic Wedding Boutonnieres would fit right in.  This also works great regardless of your venue if the happy couple are wine lovers.

Rustic Wedding Boutonnieres

I loooove this Rustic Fall Boutonniere so much!  It’s classy and masculine and filled with incredible texture.  Love love love.

rustic wedding groom boutonniere lapel pin acorns forest wedding

If you think dried flowers are just for the elderly then think again – they can be just as exquisite as fresh.  This Mustard Cream Cone – Yellow Ivory Brown Boutonniere is testament to that fact.  Look at all that color and texture!  Come to mama!

Mustard Cream Cone - Yellow Ivory Brown Boutonniere

Last but certainly not least, if you love the formal look then you absolutely cannot go wrong with ostrich feathers and pearls.  This Vintage Sheet Music Ostrich Feather Boutonniere is just perfect for you!

Vintage Sheet Music Ostrich Feather Boutonniere

Do you guys like the idea of having a boutonnière that is sans fresh flowers?

Thrift Store Marathon – What I Found and Where To Go!

Hi friends!

As some of you know, I’m a big fan of garage sales and thrift stores.  1, amazing deals (most of the time at least) 2, it’s fun to see the stuff that other people have at some point owned and then given up and 3, I love finding a diamond in the rough.  In addition to all that, my friend G is OBSESSED with garage sale/thrift stores and I think she’d drag me along with her every weekend if I’d let her.  Unfortunately, I’m too poor for that.  I did text my husband at one point during this last trip and say ‘we need to be rich so I can buy other peoples stuff’!!  I will say this – for the FIRST TIME EVER I went thrifting with a BUDGET and STUCK TO IT!  Whoo hoo!  Granted, I could have spent a ton more money if I’d let myself.  🙂

First off, I think I should start with giving you the names and addresses of some of the places we went (all of these are in Houston)…

GoodwillRiver Oaks
2030 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX77098-1507US 

Charity Guild of Catholic Women
1233 Lovett Blvd, Houston, TX77006-3857US 

Women’s Home
811 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX77006-3917US

Blue Bird Circle
615 W Alabama St, Houston, TX77006-5003US 

Houston Re-market
2850 Fannin St, Houston, TX77002-9220US 

Houston Junior League
1815 Rutland St, Houston, TX77008-4013US 

Assistance League
1902 Commonwealth St, Houston, TX77006-1836US 

Now, I thought I’d show you some of the treasures I came home with…

butter dish-edited

Anyone know what these are?  10 points if you get it right!



They’re individual butter dishes!  Aren’t the ADORABLE???  I’m dying to get started on remodeling our dining room so that I have an excuse to host a dinner party and can whip out these babies.  I’m in love!

craft projects-edited

I purchase every Scrabble game I come across because I have lots and lots of craft projects in mind for the tiles as well as for the ‘seats’ that you put the tiles in when you actually play the game. 

I was also thrilled to come across this huge bag of wine corks.  They’re the real thing, not those horrible rubber synthetic jobbies that are in wine bottles now days.  I have been eyeing a project for our wetbar area for a while now and kept wondering how I was ever going to get enough corks for it since we’re not big drinkers.  Problem solved!

drink cart-edited

I found this baby at the first store we went to and just had to pick her up.  She needs a bit of a paint job and some minor repairs.  For starters, the casters have to be replaced.  In addition, one of the handles is missing (did you notice that?  I totally didn’t until much later).  I have zero intention of trying to replace the handle – for one, it’d be nearly impossible and for two, I don’t think it needs a second handle.  Instead, we plan to just plug the holes where the handle goes and paint it.  I doubt anyone will ever know (except you guys, because you’re reading about it here). 

misc containers-edited

So my husband has a thing for perfume bottles (he’s straight, I swear).  He thinks they’re beautiful.  I’m not a big fan myself but when I saw this one I was intrigued because of the very masculine ‘stopper.’  Usually they’re very flowery.  So, in my cart it went.  Hubby was pleased. 

I have no clue what I’m going to do with this teeny tiny watering pot but I have some other stoneware (I think that’s what it’s called?) that was my moms and it sort of looks like it belongs in the collection.  It’d be cute as a flower pot on my kitchen window sill.  We’ll see. 

And then there’s this knobby green glass votive holder.  There were two… but sadly, one met a tragic end when it was rudely introduced to my tile floor while I was unpacking from the day.  *sniff*  RIP little guy. 


You guys know my husband has a thing for turtles right?  If not, you can read this post here.  

Well a while back I found this lovely piece at Steinmart.  That’s right kids, it’s a turtle footstool. 

fred 1-edit   fred 2-edit

As you can see from his seriously happy face, my husband LOVES this guy.  His name is Fred. 

 Well, we needed somebody to keep Fred company so I brought home these babies.

The larger one at the top is actually a light.  We’ll probably use it as a very manly night light in hubby’s office once we finally get around to putting that space together.  Oh, and you want to know the first thing Hubs said when I showed him this lamp?  He said ‘what are we gonna name him?’  We’re dorks.  But, we’re also dorks who are totally stuck on naming him!  Any ideas?

 As for the two little turtles in front they’re both made out of some sort of stone.  The one on the right is just a sculpture but the one on the left has a removable ‘shell’ on top.  It’s just big enough for hubby’s wedding ring.  Cute huh?


Lastly, but certainly not least… we found a wingback chair for my hunny.  He’s been dying for one since my mom moved out and took hers with her.  We’d been looking at this one from Pottery Barn for the living room but what he really wanted was a ‘reading chair’ so that he could read in his office.  The one from PB is nearly $1000.  This baby was a lot cheaper AND the upholstery is brand new.  I realize the color scheme is a little ‘welcome to the 70s’ but Hubs is going for a very old world/English pub/nautical theme in his office and this chair will go just perfectly.  He’s thrilled.  And Fred will have a place to live permanently (he’s currently in the living room, but he’ll go in the office with this chair). 

What good thrift store/garage sale finds have you brought home lately?