Window Shopping Wednesday – Tasha McKelvey Handmade Clay Goodness

Hi friends.  So are you guys enjoying my Window Shopping Wednesday posts?  I’m only asking because I want to know if I should continue with them in 2013.  Let me know!

This weeks featured shop:  Tasha McKelvey Handmade Clay Goodness

This is the product that first attracted me to Tasha’s talent.  It’s called the Love Birds Bowl.  It comes in a variety of sizes and colors and I just think this would be so sweet as part of a wedding present (I’d fill it with edible goodies of some kind).

These Aqua Leaf Bobby Pins are fantastic – just enough classy + quirk for my taste.

I think this Wood Grain Tray (comes in several colors) would be really adorable in a bathroom as a place to put your rings while you wash your hands.  AND since it’s wood grain, I don’t even think many men out there would be sad to see this in their bathrooms.

These Feather Earrings are so versatile that you could easily dress them up or down.  I wear a lot of cardigan sets in the winter and I think these would be the perfect touch to go with them.  They come in several colors, but my favorite is white.

If you like to give beautifully crafted ornaments to your friends and family for Christmas you really should consider this Santa Claus Ornament.  What a beauty.

Thanks for shopping with me today!

Please support local or independent shops for your Christmas shopping this year.  You can find incredible goodies on sites like Etsy! (this is not a sponsored post)