Window Shopping Wednesday – French Prints

I’m always on the hunt for fun and funky stuff to add to my house.  I wandered across this fun Etsy shop the other day and I just had to share with you guys!

This weeks featured shop:  French Prints

If you have kiddos then I think this Alice in Wonderland print is perfect for a kids room.

alice in wonderland book print

I have a friend who was obsessed with butterflies in highschool and now every time I see one I think of her.  I think she’d like this butterfly print.

butterfly book print

Are you a dog person?  If so, and if you happen to love Boston Terriers, then this one is for you!

boston terrier book print

I’m going through a bit of an elephant phase right now so I’m loving this print.  This one could also be super cute in a kids room.

elephant love book print

My MIL is in love with birds and when I saw this I thought of her.  This one’s for you Emma!

bird art deep in the woods book print

And last but definitely not least is this fun, quirky Christmas moose.  I sort of love him.

christmas moose book art

Thank you for shopping with me today!!!

Window Shopping Wednesday – AlleyKids

I think people with computer graphic talent are so blessed.  I wish I had that gift.  I totally don’t.  Susan, the owner of the Etsy shop AlleyKids is one of those amazingly talented people.  Let’s check out some of her goodies shall we?

This weeks featured shop:  AlleyKids

I love this Forest Woodland Animal Art.  I think this would be adorable if you were doing a camp/cabin-in-the-woods themed room for a little boy.

Forest Woodland Nursery Art Animal Prints

Or, if you don’t have kids, there’s always this Deer Art Print that you could use for the Christmas season (yes please!).

Deer Art Print

This Alphabet I Love You Poster would be great for a kids room or, depending on the color you choose, just about anywhere in your house.

Alphabet I Love You Poster

This Jungle Animal Alphabet Poster is what led me to this shop in the first place.  It comes in a variety of colors and I just think it’s super cute.

Jungle Animal Alphabet Poster

I have absolutely no idea why, but this adorable Lion Print of just the lion’s bootie makes me smile.

Lion Print

All of these come in a variety of colors so if you’re not just loving the colors I’ve featured please don’t let that deter you.

Thanks for shopping with me today!

Window Shopping Wednesday – Little Woodlanders

So I stumbled on this website the other day and I just had to share with you guys!  I think her ideas on toys are great.

Here’s what she has to say:  I started making wooden toys for my children shortly after I discovered the Waldorf ideas about play. I love the idea of open-ended toys, made of beautiful natural materials, that allow children to use their imagination. Toys that can be used in so many different ways, not just with one function or purpose. It’s such a joy to hold a beautiful wooden toy in your hand, a piece of nature. It’s even more of a joy watching children’s imaginations go wild with the toys!

This weeks featured shop:  Little Woodlanders

I think this Life Cycle of a Butterfly is a great idea for a child or for a teacher.  It’s visual and tangible.  Lovely.

Aren’t these little chicks just adorable?  I definitely would love to have these guys for my Easter table!


I love ladybugs and think this little guy (gal?) is just precious.

I think these acorns would make great decoration for fall or you could even use them as hostess gifts.

I think this is a beautiful figurine that any new mother would enjoy.

Thanks for shopping with me today!

Window Shopping Wednesday – Fat Quarter Shop

Do you like to look at pretty fabrics?  I do – and I did long before I ever got a sewing machine (not that I actually have the time to sew anything now that I do own a sewing machine).  Anywho, I found this shop waaaay back at the beginning of the year and I keep going back just to look at all the nifty stuff they have.  Pretty much everything here is devoted to quilting (which I’d love to learn how to do but honestly don’t think I’ll ever be good at).  That being said, there are tons of quilters out there that are willing to use fabric that you provide so if you want one, you don’t actually have to sew the sucker yourself.  Here are a few things that caught my eye this week.

This weeks featured shop: Fat Quarter Shop

Bella Fat Quarter Bundle Lotta Jansdotter for Windham Fabrics Aren’t the colors amazing?  It’s modern and sophisticated and colorful all at the same time.  Love love love.

Animal Parade Fat Quarter Bundle Ana Davis for Blend Fabrics  So I’m not big on pink, like, at all and if I were to have a little girl I still wouldn’t be big on pink.  That being said, I’m relatively certain the rest of the world likes pink for little girls.  If it’s gotta be pink, I like this option.

Creek The Birds and the Bees Fat Quarter Bundle Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics  I really love this color selection – the blues, purples, and greens go really well together.  The trees (see the square right above where it says ‘bees’) and the lady bugs (bottom right) are definitely my favorite.

Adventure Celebrate Seuss 2 Fat Quarter Bundle Dr. Seuss Enterprises for Robert Kaufman Fabrics  So my stepbrother has a serious love for all things Dr. Seuss.  If he were ever to have a kiddo I would totally have a quilt made for the rugrat out of this fabric.  So fun.

Outback Down Under Fat Quarter Bundle Mint Blossom for Northcott Fabrics  This would be a great set of fabrics for a quilt in a modern nursery.  I see grey walls, white trim, with navy and yellow accents.  So posh.

Holiday Fat Quarter Bundle Michael Miller Fabrics  I can tell you that my husband would make me buy this fat quarter set just for the argyle print.  Personally I’m kinda lovin the reindeer.

What do you think?  Does any of this make you want to have a quilt in your home?

Window Shopping Wednesday – The Weed Patch Store

I’m not one who is much for what I call ‘the country look.’  This past weekend I was out shopping with a good friend and I noticed that she kept gravitating towards things that, in my book at least, would fall into that category.  To each their own.  Anyway, it got me thinking, and eventually, it got me perusing the internet.  I came across a website called The Weed Patch Store.  It’s a cute little store located Bothell, Washington.  They also sell their goods online.  They definitely have more than just ‘the country look’ available both online and in-store but if you’re into the country look, they definitely have you covered.

This weeks featured shop:  The Weed Patch Store

Their shop in Bothell, Washington

Although the Fourth of July is long gone this year we all know that it’ll come right back around sooner than we know it.  If you’re one who likes to decorate for each holiday/season or you are thinking of throwing a big 4th bash next year I think that these America Chairpad’s would be a great addition to your home.

This Baby Chick Apron & Mitt Set would make a super cute present to any little aspiring chef.

If you ever come to eat at my house you’ll probably notice that I wear an apron that my mom gave me that says ‘many have eaten here – few have died.’  I feel that hanging this Many Have Eaten Box Sign in my kitchen would just be so fitting.

These Bird Embroidered Waffle Weave Towels are just precious.  The fall colors are great for the impending cooler weather that (I hope) is right around the corner.

If you’re into owls (and come on, who isn’t these days?) then you’ll love the look of these sophisticated Owl Hurricane/Vases.  They come in three colors, but the Aubergine is my fave.

Don’t you think this Birdcage Lamp is super interesting?  What a statement piece!

If I had a big fancy covered porch in my backyard I would loooove to put this Willow Twig Electric Garland around the windows and doors.  How stunning would this be at night?!?!?

Thanks for window shopping with me today!  See ya next week!!!

Window Shopping Wednesday – Z Gallerie (odds and ends)

Hi friends.  I’m back for another installment of Window Shopping Wednesday.  Today we will pick up with our last stop at Z Gallerie.  As I’m sure you remember, we already found several fabulous pieces of furniture as well as some amazing art and mirrors.  This week, we’re going to take a look at all the other goodies that Z Gallerie has to offer.

This weeks featured shop:  Z Gallerie

I’m sure this would be an absolute nightmare to keep clean but I really want to rest my feet on this totally snuggleable Ludlow Pouf in Winter White.

Speaking of incredibly snuggleable things, I’m dying for this Lazo Throw!  It comes in several colors: Steel, Aquamarine, Aubergine, Charcoal, Peacock (pictured), Platinum, Sunset, and Winter White.  If you’re wondering what I want for Christmas, I’ll take one in every color please!

I love this Ciambella Table!  It’s a little quirky, a little modern, but it’s a great piece.

This Cloud Stool in White is such a wonderfully soft and feminine piece.  I can definitely see this in a bachelorette pad or in a master bathroom.

How great are these Parker Lanterns?  Wouldn’t these be just fab hanging on your patio?  AND they’re on sale!  SCORE!  (sold individually)

I think I have a love for herringbone pattern (as detailed here) .  I definitely have a love for these Midas Votive Cups.  Can you believe these suckers are created by hand?  Craziness!

These Bling Tealight Lamps would make amazing statement pieces in a formal dining room.  They need to come live at my house.

So if you don’t know that Chevron is all the rage in home decorating right now then you’ve probably been living under a rock.  However, if you’re not one who really ascribes to trends or if you like the idea but don’t want your entire house to look like a slightly askew jailhouse uniform then these Zig Zag Candles (available in black and teal) are a great way to incorporate the trend.

How sweet is this Notting Hill Table Clock?  I think she needs a place on my office desk, STAT!

If you have a man in your life or you ascribe to a slightly more masculine aesthetic then this Moving Gear Wall Clock is for you.  It’s pretty bad ass if I do say so myself.  This big guy might just find his way under my Christmas tree for the Hubs.

So if you’ve read my blog for a while you know that I’m an avid reader.  Being such, we have a lot of books in our house.  A lot.  Like we kinda look like a library.  Anyway, I’m loving me these White Owl Bookends because they’re understated but still fun.  It’s a great way to get in on the owl trend without it being overwhelming or cutesy.

I love the Moroccan feel of these Mimosa Frames (available in Mango, Indigo and Aquamarine).  These would be such a fun seasonal add for spring and summer.  And now I kinda want to book a vacation to Morocco…

So the goofball in me really likes this Wine Monkey.  I wouldn’t actually want him in my house but I’d totally give him as a hostess gift.  Would you be thrilled or mortified to receive this?

Yet again my love of quirk has led me to this Spoon Dish.  What a cute way to display and serve little nibbles at a dinner party.

This Casablanca Dhurrie Rug in Fog is soooo me.  Great color, interesting pattern, and all without being completely overwhelming.  L-O-V-E (it also comes in Indigo, Lemon, and Steel)

So I’ve had the luxurious privilege of walking on and scrunching my toes through this super-soft Indochine Rug in Platinum.  Truthfully I just wanted to roll around on it.  Seriously people, it’s like sex for your feet.  (also available in Peacock and Aubergine)

Thanks for shopping with me again!  We’ll be on to a new store next week so make sure you come back!

Size DOES matter

So it’s been crazy in our house since mom left.  Because when mom left, so did the maid and the yard guy.  The last place we had just to the two of us was 850sqft.  This house is 2700sqft.  That’s a HUGE difference. Upon returning from our wonderful vacation in Lake Tahoe it has been admittedly hard to get back in the groove.  Not only do I have over 600 emails in my inbox to go through, we’re also trying to get back to our daily cleaning grind.  Oh, and there’s our giant yard to contend with as well.  And remember our remodeling projects?  We haven’t even started… or talked about starting.

Needless to say, the last few weeks have been a bit overwhelming and it’s made the Hubs and I seriously question this whole home ownership thing.  Not that we don’t want to own, we totally do, we’re just rethinking exactly what we want to own.  Originally we wanted a fairly decent sized house… 1-story, with a large formal dining room (because I love to entertain), at least 3 bedrooms (master + 2 offices) and 2.5 baths and ideally with a 2.5 or 3 car garage.  Oh, and a small front yard but large backyard.  Yup… that was the dream.  And we nearly found it.  A while back we found a house that we LOVED.  It had basically everything we were wanting except for the extra half bath and the larger garage.  One of the huge selling points?  Insanely high ceilings.  It made the house look HUGE.  The house was 2400sqft… not much smaller than the monstrosity we’re dealing with now except that the yard was waaaay smaller. 

Now, however, we’re seriously wondering if we really want something that big.  Instead, we’ve been considering the pros/cons of purchasing a townhome/duplex.  There are several in and around our area and all of the ones we’re looking at are 2-story, 2.5 baths, 3 bedrooms, 2 car garages with a backyard.  We reeeeally didn’t want a 2-story but like I told the hubs, I’ve lived in one all my life so it’s not as though living in another one would be a huge adjustment.  The upside (or downside, depending on your point of view) to the townhomes?  They’re about 1500sqft.  That’s a little bit more maintainable when we both work full-time and we can’t afford to hire a maid or a yard guy. 

I’ve never really considered owning a townhome and the more I think about it the more I realize that owning one would change the way I’d decorate.  I don’t mean the throw pillows, I mean the more permanent (not to mention expensive) things like flooring and cabinets.  Generally, I like really dark floors (think espresso colored), with white cabinets and light grey walls.  This gives a really neutral palate that can go with any other color I want to throw in.  This color scheme was the plan I had for the 2400sqft 1-story we’d been eyeballing.  However, I’ve been wondering if things would have to change if we got a townhome since the ceilings would only be 8ft (versus the 12+ in the other house).  I’m afraid that the super-dark floors will make the townhouse feel more closed in which is something I definitely don’t want.  So, my ‘townhome option’ would be to do white floors in order to make things more light and airy.  What do you think?  Is this a necessary step? 

Here are some ideas of what I’d like in a large house with high ceilings:

i can’t find the link to the original source of this photo but… Interior renovation of Spanish Town historic residence completed by Ty Larkins Design, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I’m not a huge fan of those black countertops but this is the general idea

click on picture for source

I ADORE this kitchen.  I think it’s my favorite.  Except for those pendant lights. 

i can’t find the original source of this photo but if you know it, please let me know.

I love the addition of other materials in this home such as the marble top table, the wood wall art and the wicker ottoman.  I think adding textures in this way is what can make or break your design. 

this is the same house as the first picture, again i don’t know the original website source. Interior renovation of Spanish Town historic residence completed by Ty Larkins Design, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

This house is lovely.  A tiny bit too modern for my tastes but I love it.  Unfortunately we could never have white furniture what with a bull-in-a-china-cabinet for a husband and dogs. 

click on photo for source

Don’t you just love these floors?  They add just a hint of rustic charm to the house.  YUM.

click on photo for source

Do you see what I mean about it looking dark?  This kitchen has high ceilings and even still, this room seems dark to me.  Would this be even more magnified with lower ceilings?

Here are some white on white ideas.  I would incorporate some more color but this would be my base.  What do you think?  Is this better for a smaller home that has lower ceilings and less windows?

click photo for source

You’ve gotta love the cat.  Tee hee.  Sadly, it appears that this kitchen has a skylight which we obviously wouldn’t have.  A girl can dream.

click on photo for source

This photo shows a little of what I fear could happen in a white-on-white environment.  It’s pretty, but it’s not interesting

click on photo for source

Doesn’t this bathroom just seem relaxing?  It’s so spa-like to me.  There’s a lot of natural light in here though that I seriously doubt we’d get in a townhouse.  One window over the bathtub would be about it.

click on photo for source

A little random I know but isn’t this flooring cute?  I’d love this in a shower.

I don’t have the original web source but this is another Ty Larkins home

This is probably the most realistic picture of what we’d have in our townhome.  Low ceilings and one large window on one wall.  Those accordion panels and the drapes provide some great height to the room.  Isn’t that herringbone floor to die for?  That would probably be my #1 choice of flooring options.

Another Ty Larkins, of which I don’t have the original web source.

Another white herringbone floor.  Yum.  That brick archway is just gorgeous.  I love how they’ve softened it up with the long white curtains.  Texture galore. 

Another Ty Larkins. I’m pretty sure this is the same house as the photo above. Yet again, I don’t have the original web source.

Look at that aged wood on the walls!  Amazing!  It looks like they might have tiled the walls in the breakfast area which is not something we’d be doing.

Another Ty Larkins. I’m seeing a trend here. Again I’m fairly sure this is the same house as the two photos above. I don’t have the original web source.

This room is drool-worthy.  I’d love to add some seasonal color here.  Can’t you just see this all done up for Christmas or with some fun pastels for Easter?


How to make a little somethin’ somethin’ with buttons…

Remember the other day when I mentioned that I was totally overwhelmed and frustrated because I wanted to craft but just didn’t have the time (among a lot of other things)?  Well, that same day in a fit of frustration I scrolled through my zillions of craft ideas that I keep on my computer, picked one, and went to Joann’s.

This is my inspiration photo:

Peggy, the amazing creator of this fabulous image, has other amazing letters available at her Etsy shop.

Here are some of my favorites:

I have a secret for you though… I have NO IDEA how to sew on a button.  Sad huh?  Fortunately since these little buttons don’t have to be functional in any way I didn’t need to know how to actually sew one on.

So, here’s what I picked up from Joann’s:

  • Pre-stretched canvas (8×10)
  • Fabric – I purchased 1/3 yard (you’ll need to adjust this depending on the size of your canvas)
  • Buttons – I chose red because they popped but you can choose whatever color you like best with your fabric, the buttons need to be in varying sizes (note: I also used some large matching beads because my letter had some really skinny parts and I couldn’t find buttons that small)
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery thread in a matching color (should match the color of your buttons)

Here’d what I needed from my stash at home:

  • Staple gun
  • Printed letter (using your computer and Microsoft Word size your paper to the size of your canvas, choose a font that you like and make it as large as possible, print)
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins


  1. Cut out your letter very carefully
  2. Pin your letter to your fabric
  3. Place embroidery hoop over fabric and letter.  You should have this… 
  4. Begin placing buttons however they look best to you – you’ll do this by threading your needle, tying a knot in the end, then bringing the thread up through the ‘bottom’ of the fabric, through one button hole, then down through another.  If there are four holes in your button, repeat this step.
  5. Keep repeating until your letter is covered with buttons
  6. To remove the paper letter – use small scissors and tweezers to cut and remove the pieces underneath the buttons.  Be very careful not to cut your thread or fabric.
    (note:  this is a very difficult way of doing this, if you want, instead of pinning your paper letter to your fabric you can use an erasable fabric marker to trace your letter onto your fabric.  However, please note that your creation will have to be washed in order to remove the ink.  You will need to adhere your buttons accordingly.)
  7. Once complete, carefully center your fabric onto your canvas (you can use some spray adhesive to keep it steady if you want).  Flip it over and use your staple gun to adhere the fabric to the back.  Make sure you’re stapling into the wooden frame.
  8. You’re done!  Admire your handiwork!

Here’s my finished product:

It has sort of a 4th of July feel to it doesn’t it?  I wasn’t actually going for that but it works out well considering Independence Day will be here sooner than we know it.  We actually don’t have any blue or red in our house so this’ll make for some fun holiday decoration for us.  I’m hoping to try this again in some different colors.

Now, my finished project in no way looks as amazing as Peggy’s finished products but then again, I’m not selling mine or giving it away as a gift to anyone.   I’m just glad I finally made something crafty.  Yay!

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By Stephanie Lynn