Book Review: Over Tumbled Graves by Jess Walter

Hi friends.  Miss me?  As some of you may have guessed the Hubs and I went on vacation for the last week.  We were in beautiful Lake Tahoe with some other members of my family.  It was amazing.  The weather was just outstanding.  90s during the day but practically zero humidity and it dropped into the high 30s at night.  Why do I live in Texas again?  Anywho, my apologies for my blog absence but upon returning we had major technical issues with computers and we’re also just having a hard time getting back into the swing of thing after being gone.  It’s vacation hangover. 

So guess what that means?  More book reviews!  You’re thrilled aren’t you?  Ha!  Well I couldn’t just leave you hanging and not tell you about the books I read by the hotel pool.  So, here goes…

Excerpt from Barnes & Noble:

During a routine drug bust, on a narrow bridge over white-water falls in the center of town, Spokane detective Caroline Mabry finds herself face-to-face with a brutal murderer. Within hours, the body of a young prostitute is found on the riverbank nearby. What follows confronts our fascination with pathology and murder and stares it down, as Caroline and her cynical partner, Alan Dupree—thrown headlong into the search for a serial murderer who communicates by killing women—uncover some hard truths about their profession . . . and each other.

Rich with the darkly muted colors of the Pacific Northwest skies, Over Tumbled Graves established Jess Walter as a novelist of extraordinary emotional depth and dimension.

My first thought when I finished this book was ‘God that was depressing.’  Don’t get me wrong, I love murder mysteries but geez in the end I just sort of expected everyone to jump of a cliff or something.  Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows and it never leaves me with this down-in-the-dumps feeling.  Even though they find the guy in the end I still wouldn’t call it a ‘happy’ ending.  And what in the world is with all of the serial killers in the Pacific Northwest anyways?  Do people just go crazy because of all the rain or something? 

In the story two glory-hog FBI profilers are bought in and by the end of the book you basically just want to run them over with their cars.  They might be good at profiling serial killers, but they’re crappy people.  They’re way more concerned with the fame and getting their name in the papers than they are with the actual murders.  One guy doesn’t even want to get involved until the murders enter into the double digits!  Pompous ass.  I seriously hope that real FBI profilers aren’t that way. 

I liked the main character, Caroline.  She’s believable.  It’s nice that she doesn’t know it all.  She’s confused and she flounders and she’s real.  Her partner, Alan, kind of cracks me up.  He’s very sarcastic and sardonic but I get it.  I can totally see how being a cop for twenty-plus years could make you that way. I’m sure it’s his coping mechanism but it works. 

I will say that you totally don’t see the end coming, or at least I didn’t.  In that sense I truly enjoyed the book because it wasn’t predictable and I didn’t know how the book was going to end three chapters into it.  All in all, I’d say it’s a decent read but I wouldn’t suggest reading it if you’re having a bummer kind of a day… or if you live in the Pacific Northwest.