Book Review: Summer Hideaway by Susan Wiggs

If you’re looking for an easy read to keep you entertained by the pool, this is it. 

As we know I purchase 90% of my books at garage sale.  This means that sometimes, I get a book that’s part of a series.  Sometimes, the book is written in a way that I don’t need to have read the books that came before it in order for it all to make sense.  Other times, I’m not so lucky.  When I picked this one off the bookshelf the other day to read I noticed that it says ‘The Lakeshore Chronicles’ on the front and I thought to myself ‘oh geez, it’s part of a series.’  It turns out that this book is actually the seventh book in The Lakeshore Chronicles however, The Lakeshore Chronicles isn’t actually a series.  It’s more like a grouping of similar themed books (at least from what I can tell).  The characters don’t appear to cross over from book to book so you don’t need to read one in order to make sense of another. 

The imagery in the book is fantastic.  I found myself wishing I’d been part of the world fifty years ago and been able to spend my summers as a child at a place like Willow Lake.  I totally get why George Bellamy wants to go back there for his final days. 

Usually I can see the ending to a book coming and I’m rarely surprised by much.  At one point I turned to my husband and said ‘there must be a second book after this, I’m 50 pages from the end and I can’t figure out how they’re possibly going to end it.’  The book does end however, and in a surprisingly not-surprising way.  I have no idea how I missed the obvious but I did. 

Anywho, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it’s perfect for your summer bedtime or poolside reading.  I would definitely read another Susan Wiggs book again which is good considering she’s got another 22 books in print right now.  There’s a good chance I’ll run across another one in another garage sale.  Happy hunting!

Synopsis of the book from

Never get attached — Private nurse and protected witness Claire Turner lives by this motto. Fleeing a treacherous past, she knows no other way.

Never give up — In the twilight of his life, George Bellamy makes it his final wish to reconcile with an estranged brother. He and Claire journey to Willow Lake — where it all went wrong for him fifty years ago.

Never let go — George’s grandson Ross is ruled by a fierce devotion to family and a deep mistrust of the mysterious Claire…yet sparks fly whenever she’s near. In the face of a wrenching loss, amid the enchantment of Willow Lake, Ross and Claire dare to risk everything for love.