Fab Feature – The Lettered Cottage

You guys know that I love to incorporate a sense of whimsy into my life and home. When I saw this absolutely incredible powder bath makeover from The Lettered Cottage I knew that I might have found my whimsical home décor soul mate in Layla. I am dying over that bird wallpaper!

You can view all the details about this fabulous room by clicking here.

Powder Bath Makeover by The Lettered Cottage - Click on photo to pin from original source.

Powder Bath Makeover by The Lettered Cottage – Click on photo to pin from original source.

I love what she did with this basic builder and oh-so-brown bathroom. Man I cannot wait to own a home of my own so that I can *hopefully* make it as fabulous as this!

Before & After - Powder Bath Makeover by The Lettered Cottage - Click on photo to pin from original source.

Before & After – Powder Bath Makeover by The Lettered Cottage – Click on photo to pin from original source.

Window Shopping Wednesday – Spoonflower (and a GIVEAWAY!!)

Hi all!  So have you heard of Spoonflower??  Honestly I never had until one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, featured them HERE.  I love the idea of being able to custom create your own fabric and I especially love it for the way the Petersik’s have used it… creating fabric from their kiddo’s own drawings.  Can you imagine making a quilt out of that someday (or, more realistically, paying someone to make a quilt out of that someday)?  Your kids passing it on to their kids and so forth and so on???  How incredible would that be?

They have all kinds of fabric options – Quilting Weight Cotton, Basic Cotton, Voile, Jersey, Canvas, Sateen, Silk, Twill…the list goes on and on!!!  Even better – they’ve branched out now and even offer Wallpaper and Gift Wrap!!!  You can view an entire list of all of the options here.

Not creative or don’t have kiddos to draw some art for you?  No worries!  They have tons of other peoples creative ideas that you can purchase as well (and they’re pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself).  Go shopping with me!!

Mermaids and Paper Boats

I think this Mermaids and Paper Boats fabric is just adorable.  I love that it’s girly without being all pink-and-sparkles-exploded-everywhere type of girly.

Urban Dragonfly

This Urban Dragonfly fabric would be great in a quilt.

Christmas with Love

I know it’s only February but Christmas is my favorite holiday so you know that this Christmas With Love fabric caught my eye!

Star Constellation

Wouldn’t this Star Constellation wallpaper totally rock if you put it on the ceiling of a kids room?

graphic fall leaves

This Graphic Fall Leaves giftwrap would look absolutely amazing with metallic ribbon.

Cute baby dragon

I know several of my friends kids (and, ok, several of my adult friends too) who would squeal with joy if they received a present wrapped in this Cute Baby Dragon giftwrap.

Retro ski fox and grizzly bear

And last but not least one more Christmas themed item… this Retro Ski Fox and Grizzly Bear giftwrap.  Eek!  So cute!

Okay okay, now that I’ve shown you a few of the wonderful items that Spoonflower has to offer let’s get down to the part I know you’re all waiting for… the GIVEAWAY!!!

What do you get if you win?? A credit for one yard of custom printed Kona cotton fabric!!  That means you can order one yard and get it for $0 or you could order 60 yards and get one free.  Your choice!!  🙂

How do you win??

So here’s the deal – leave a comment below (scroll to the bottom where it says “Leave a Reply”)… when you do so, there’s a place to leave your email address (don’t worry, no one can see that but me) – make sure you do so or else I won’t be able to contact you if you’re the winner and tell you how to claim your prize.  On Wednesday, March 5th I’ll use Random.org to choose a winner.  Entries close Tuesday, March 4th at midnight Entry date has been extended!  Entries close Tuesday, March 18th at 11:59pm so don’t dally!

Disclaimer:  I was not in any way compensated for this post.  I just think that the items that Spoonflower has to offer rock.

It begins… Master Bedroom/Bathroom Renovation

So I know I mentioned a while back that my mom moved out of the house.  We stayed and are renting it from her for the time being.  We’re also renovating the house.  Nothing major, we’re not tearing down walls or anything, but we’re ripping down wall paper, patching sheetrock, painting, replacing plumbing fixtures, etc etc.  Like I said, nothing major… except we’re doing it to the ENTIRE house.  It’s not a small house either.  We’ve decided to start on the master bedroom & bathroom since they’re the rooms that are currently vacant.  The other day we sat down and made a list of everything we want to do.  Are you ready?


  1. Have an electrician run wiring for a ceiling fan (what we have now isn’t up to code)
  2. Install a new ceiling fan
  3. Have tile repaired at sinkhole
  4. Patch the sheetrock and repair corners
  5. Texture and repaint sheetrock
  6. Fill, sand, and repaint all wood trim (including doors/cabinets)
  7. Clean and repaint if needed all air vents
  8. Clean and repaint if needed all light can covers
  9. Replace all electrical plugs and switches
  10. Replace doorstops
  11. Clean goop (some sort of super-old caulking) off windows with razorblade


  1. Have tile repaired (broken grout)
  2. Remove wallpaper
  3. Patch, texture, repaint sheetrock
  4. Sand, fill, repaint all wood trim (including doors/cabinets)
  5. Clean and repaint if needed all air vents
  6. Clean and repaint if needed all light can covers
  7. Gut & replace sink plumbing at both sinks
  8. Recaulk shower
  9. Recaulk vanities
  10. Recaulk toilet and replace china caps
  11. Replace cabinet hardware
  12. Replace towel bar in shower
  13. Replace 4 towel bars around toilet
  14. Replace all electrical plugs and switches

This may not seem like much but with the plethora of things we have going on, it’s a LOT.  All we’ve managed to do so far is take down all of the pictures, picture hooks, shelves, and various other ‘removables’ from the wall.  We also got a wallpaper removal lesson from a neighbor who is a professional painter and we purchased the new faucets for the sinks.  That’s it though.  So far our weekends have been jam packed with ‘normal’ upkeep stuff (mowing, vacuuming, etc etc etc) so we haven’t gotten to even touch the room.  My hope is to dedicate a few hours to it each weekend but we’ll see if that actually happens. 

I didn’t get a chance to take any before photos because the Hubs was soooo happy to start on this room.  However, this is what it looks like right now minus all the ‘removables.’ 

See those vertical lines?  Those are where shelving brackets used to be.  There used to be shelves along this entire wall. 

Don’t you just love our foundation damage?  This is what happens after 3 foundation repairs.  Nice huh?