Window Shopping Wednesday – AsymmetreeDesign

Okay so I totally thought I’d already done a virtual shopping trip for you guys through AsymmetreeDesign because Anja’s laser cut creations are just amazing but I haven’t! You will not believe some of these creations! The things people come up with!!! Just incredible!

Are you ready???

Please pin from original source by clicking on photo.

Please pin from original source by clicking on photo.

Let’s start with this Honeycomb Wall Clock why don’t we. I love clocks and I think they’re a great opportunity to add a little something to an otherwise plain room. You can have some fun with it! I think this piece is just fabulous.

Please pin from original source by click on photo.

Please pin from original source by click on photo.

Then, for something really uniue and different, there’s this Deer Wedding Invitation. I mean really? How great would this be if you were doing an outdoor wedding?? I just love it! And it’s soooo beautifully done! (and FYI, if you’re not into deer, there are several other wedding invitation options to choose from)

Please pin from original source by clicking on photo.

Please pin from original source by clicking on photo.

How about wearing an incredible statement piece like this Bark Necklace?  I’d be happy to add that to my wardrobe any day. You can even choose from a variety of chain colors.

Please pin from orignal source by clicking on photo.

Please pin from orignal source by clicking on photo.

I also love this Golden Bark Clock which is made of birch wood and gold plexiglass. Don’t like gold? No problem, AsymmetreeDesign can make it in bronze or silver too!

Thanks for shopping with me today!

Window Shopping Wednesday – Boutonnières without fresh flowers

One of my coworkers is getting married this year and we’ve been discussing several options for boutonnières.  She’s set on fresh flowers, and I get it.  I had fresh-flower boutonnières at my wedding.  They looked like this:


That being said, I just love the idea of using non-fresh flower “ingredients” to make a boutonnière.  So, I did some searching for you (because I’m nice like that) and here are a few of my favorites…

This weeks featured item:  boutonnières without fresh flowers

If you’re having an outdoor wedding then I think this Rustic Burlap Boutonniere is a great fit for you.  The buttons, the feathers, the burlap – they come together seamlessly.  I love it.

Rustic Burlap Boutonniere

I think feathers should be standard-issue in every wedding.  They add great form and texture and come in such an incredible array of colors and patterns.  This Feather Boutonnière would be absolutely amazing for a fall wedding.  Just lovely.

Feather Boutonnière

If you’re a bit quirky and plan to have some FUN at your wedding and not take the whole thing too seriously then consider these Vintage Inspired Clothespin and Soda Pop Bottle Top Boutonnieres and Corsages.  So stinking cute!  And come on, these would totally be the talk of the wedding!

Vintage Inspired Clothespin and Soda Pop Bottle Top Boutonnieres and Corsages

So let’s be real here – in all likelihood the groom has had pretty much zero say in anything about the wedding.  Shouldn’t he get at least some input into what he wears that day?  I think it’d be great to incorporate some of your husband-to-be’s favorite past times and if he’s a fisher, then this Fisherman’s Boutonniere would be just the way to do that.

Fisherman's Boutonniere

If your wedding venue also happens to be a winery or vineyard then these Rustic Wedding Boutonnieres would fit right in.  This also works great regardless of your venue if the happy couple are wine lovers.

Rustic Wedding Boutonnieres

I loooove this Rustic Fall Boutonniere so much!  It’s classy and masculine and filled with incredible texture.  Love love love.

rustic wedding groom boutonniere lapel pin acorns forest wedding

If you think dried flowers are just for the elderly then think again – they can be just as exquisite as fresh.  This Mustard Cream Cone – Yellow Ivory Brown Boutonniere is testament to that fact.  Look at all that color and texture!  Come to mama!

Mustard Cream Cone - Yellow Ivory Brown Boutonniere

Last but certainly not least, if you love the formal look then you absolutely cannot go wrong with ostrich feathers and pearls.  This Vintage Sheet Music Ostrich Feather Boutonniere is just perfect for you!

Vintage Sheet Music Ostrich Feather Boutonniere

Do you guys like the idea of having a boutonnière that is sans fresh flowers?

Window Shopping Wednesday – Knot and Bow

Do you ever get to the point when you have all of this stuff that you know you should be doing, and even that you want to do but yet you still can’t find the motivation to get it done?  I’m there.  Mostly I’m only in that position when it comes to the blog though.  I have a ton of stuff that I want to write about and tell you guys about but I just don’t feel like putting in the work that it takes to get a blog post ready.  I’m not sure if that’s laziness or just my brain telling me I need to take a break.  Maybe some of both.  Nonetheless… I’m trudging on.  Go me.

I’m one of those people that totally believes that it’s the details that can make or break something.  I love adding that little extra pop to something that is just the cherry on top.  This wonderful Etsy shop (don’t you just love Etsy??) called Knot and Bow specializes in those little accessories.  Come shop with me!

This weeks featured shop:  Knot and Bow

Silver, gold and black & gold  bakers twine.  I’m in heaven.

Gold or gold Silver Glitter Twine DuoBlack & Gold Metallic Baker's Twine

These Red Parcel Gift Tags  would be so cute to use as tags on your Christmas packages this year.  They come in a variety of colors as well (neon pink, manilla, light blue, white, lemon yellow, neon orange, violet, pink, Kelly green, neon red, neon yellow, neon green, true blue, pumpkin, vivid green, gray and there’s even a multi pack)!

Red Parcel Gift Tags

Knot and Bow also has an awesome collection of old fashioned library cards (several colors available).  This would make a fabulous gift for the avid reader in your life.

Green Library Cards

These Engraved Me & You pencils would be adorable as favors for a wedding (and totally affordable) or as stocking stuffers for loved ones.

Engraved 'Me & You' Pencils


It’s all in the accessories people!  Now get shopping!

Window Shopping Wednesday –

So it’s about that time.  The holidays are upon us and that means lots and lots of parties to attend and throw.  Also, you’ve got to get your Christmas cards out!  Today I’m featuring this wonderful shop called – they’re filled with all sorts of paper goodies to get you through the holiday season.

This weeks featured shop:

I love the idea of sending out Thanksgiving cards.  You could also use these as invitations to your Thanksgiving dinner.

Did you have a baby this year?  They’ve got several cards just for you!

Get married this year?  There’s cards for you too!

Have fur-babies instead of real babies?

Want to feature the entire family?

Are you a fun-loving, quirky couple?

Crappy photography skills?  They have lots of cards without photos!

If you happen to get engaged over this holiday season they also have tons of invitations, cards, etc to help you out with your Big Day!

I’m a total sucker for save-the-date cards in postcard version.  I don’t know if I could pick between these two.

I love these thank you notes – they’re versatile (don’t look all wedding-y and you could reuse them any time).

Thanks for shopping with me today!

Window Shopping Wednesday – JulieAnnArt

So I don’t know about you guys but I have a ton of birthdays on my calendar for the next few months.  I swear, more than half of my friends and family were born in September.  And don’t even get me started on anniversaries.  It’s going to take a whole paycheck to send out cards and gifts.  Not that I’m complaining.  In fact, I love giving presents.  I get a total kick out of finding fun stuff to give friends.  I also love to send cards.  I think they’re a great way to send people a little reminder that you love them, especially in this technological era.

I found this adorable shop on Etsy the other day and although the humor is dry I still love these cards.  Super cute.  If you don’t like the dry humor there’s still several cards with adorable hand-drawn illustrations that might be up your alley.  Go check out Julie Ann and her amazing talent!

This weeks featured shop:  JulieAnnArt

This could be used as a cute ‘thinking of you’ card for a spouse/significant other or even for a kid if you have one who still crawls in bed with you frequently.

What about this birthday card?  The delivery cracks me up.

Don’t we all wish for these things?  I love this card for a bridal shower.

So I realize it’s a little late for graduation cards but keep these guys in mind for next year!

Face it ladies – if you’ve ever gotten married or been in a wedding you totally know that this is a true statement.  We’re all friends here right?  We can be honest about it!


This is totally a card I’d send to my girlfriends.

If you have a good relationship with your mom like I do then hopefully she’d get a kick out of this…

If you’re single then this would be a hysterical card to send out to your other single friends as long as they have a sense of humor!

I think this might be my all-time favorite card EVER.

Mail a card to a friend today – whether for a birthday/anniversary or just because!

I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance, A church filled with family and friends. I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for, He said one that would make me his wife. ~ Author Unknown

In a few months the Hubs and I will celebrate two years of marriage.  Part of me cannot believe that it’s only been two years but naturally, there’s another part of me that can’t believe it’s already been two years.  Isn’t that always the case? 

A friend of mine was over the other night and we were looking at a few pictures I’d taken (which were awful, btw) of her wedding and she said ‘the one thing I wish I’d done is get a photographer.  I don’t really have any pictures.’  Then today, I read an article on a blog I read called What Junebug Loves about how to incorporate your waggly-tailed furball into your wedding.  It was my original plan to have our sweet four-legged child walk down the isle with one of my bridesmaids and she would be ‘wearing’ a pillow which held our wedding rings.  In essence, she’d be the flower girl.  Unfortunately my pup has lots of medical issues that were just way too complicated to get around and we ended up not having her there on our special day.  I’d have to say that’s my one big regret that I have about my wedding.  I wish we’d found a way to incorporate her. 

The only other thing that I didn’t plan for was the photographer taking pictures of my wedding dress without me in it.  Did you know that there are these gorgeous hangers made specifically for this purpose?  Apparently that’s relatively common knowledge and I just totally skipped over that nifty idea when I was planning for my wedding.  My personal favorites are ones like these (click pictures for source)…

So, this got me to thinking – if you’re married and you had a wedding, what do you regret (if anything)?  Or, instead of regret, perhaps I should say, what would you have changed? 

Also – do you think that you and your spouse will do a vow renewal ceremony at some point?  If so, will it be a big to-do like the ‘first time’ or will it be something small and intimate?  When do you think it’s appropriate to do a vow renewal?  After 10 years?  25?  50?  Personally I love the idea of vow renewal ceremonies.  My dream would be to have all of my family and friends join my Husband and I for a destination renewal somewhere gorgeous and exotic (Greece or Fiji anyone?).  I think we’ll wait until at least 25 years of marriage before we plan this though!

Can’t wait to see what you guys have to say!