Window Shopping Wednesday – Paper Source (2014)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Window Shopping Wednesday but my latest Paper Source catalog came in the mail and I just couldn’t resist. There are a few items I’d really like to have and I considered purchasing them myself but maybe I’ll get lucky and someone (ahem, mom? husband? Are you paying attention??) will get them for me for my birthday or Christmas. A girl can hope!

I love these Kate Spade Bow Paper Clips. Aren’t they just so snazzy???

Kate Spade Bow Paper Clips

This Woodland Cheese Board just makes me smile. I would love to have this around for entertaining.

Woodland Cheese Board

Adorable Fox Tea Towels? Yes please!

Fox Tea Towels

What about these fabulous Ceramic Bowls (1, 2, 3)? Wouldn’t they be just the greatest addition to a spring tablescape?? I think #2 (the Orange Floral Ceramic Bowl) is my favorite but I love that you can mix and match them all together.  You’d need at least 2 of each though.

Yellow Ikat Ceramic Bowl

Yellow Ikat Ceramic Bowl

Orange Floral Ceramic Bowl

Orange Floral Ceramic Bowl

Blue Dot Ceramic Bowl

Blue Dot Ceramic Bowl

You can read all about my last virtual shopping trip through Paper Source by clicking here.

Window Shopping Wednesday – Wisteria (Accessories only)

Well I don’t know about you guys but after last week I can’t wait to see what else Wisteria has to offer.  I looooved their furniture.  Ready to check it out?

This weeks featured shop:  Wisteria (Accessories only)

You guys know me and my love of whimsy. I’d love to have these adorable mouse shakers!  (Update:  I got these cuties for Christmas as a gift from my mom!)

mouse shakers

This florist’s bud holder is so sweet.  What a great way to show off individual blooms!

florists best bud holder

There are several beautiful blue vases available but my favorite is the milk bottle pictured in the middle.

blue milk bottle vase

My oh my!  How nifty is this lamp?  Soooo cool!

Gilt Balustrade Lamp

These nautical rope lanterns would be great for outdoor get-togethers over the summer.

Nautical Rope Lantern

I love the bright colors in this doormat.  I wish this baby came in a full-size rug for my patio seating area!

Mediterranean Doormat

These painted paddles would add so much character to your outdoor space and there are a zillion ways you could display them.  Wish they could come live at my house!

Mariner's Paddles

Aaaahhhh!  I WANT!!!  He needs to come live with me!

Ahab's Mighty Moby

These rock ducks are so cute and right up my MIL’s alley.

Creek Rock Ducks

We have a smaaaaall obsession with turtles in our house and this sweet baby is available in both blue and pink.  {heart}

Blue Aquatic Life Pillow Cover

Window Shopping Wednesday – Bella Cupcake Couture

Well, spring is in the air and I don’t know about you but it definitely makes me want to get together with friends and spend some time outside in the gorgeous weather.  And, of course, spring is quickly followed by summer in this part of the world and summer means weddings so there will be lots of bridal showers coming up.  Oh, and I have pregnant friends so there are baby showers in the work too, plus birthdays and all sorts of other fun parties.  All in all, it means lots of special occasions and if you’re me, that means lots of reasons to cook for friends.  I love bringing homemade goodies to get togethers and if I can make them beautiful, then that’s even better!  So that’s why today we’re checking out Bella Cupcake Couture.

This weeks featured shop:  Bella Cupcake Couture

Cupcake Wrappers- Dark Purple

I love these purple polka-dotted cupcake wrappers, so much fun and perfect for ‘just because’ cupcakes.

hang tags baby blocks

These adorable baby tags are just too cute – they’d be a perfect addition to whatever party favors you’re giving out at a baby shower (oh, and there are matching cupcake liners too).

Paper Straws- Green and Blue Polka Dots

I’ve seen striped straws all over the place for a while now, but polkadot straws?  Awesome!!!

Cupcake wrappers - Hannah - Citrus

Aren’t these just bright and cheery?  They just make me happy.

Cupcake wrappers - Meisha- Bird & Blossom (Green)

These little birdie on a branch cupcake liners would be perfect for a bridal shower.

Cupcake wrappers - Jolene- Camouflage

Or what about pink camo for a little girls birthday party?

Keep in mind all of these guys are available in lots of different colors so if you’re dealing with boys, they have options in more boy-friendly colors.

Happy baking!


Window Shopping Wednesday – Bookends

If you know me at all then you know that I love to read.  I have a ridiculous amount of books… like I need a library sort of books.  I’m actually reaching the point where my books need to overflow into other areas of our home other than my office.  So, I’m on the search for a few fun bookends.  Here’s what I’ve found so far…

These little elephant cuties are by Jonathan Adler.

Jonathan Adler Elephant Bookends

I love the quirky humor of these duck tape ones.

Duck Tape Bookends

I have no idea why I like this set, but I do.  Maybe they’d work in my husbands office?

Deer Head with Large Antlers Bookends

Again with the quirk… I’m a fan of this mouse on cheese bookend.

Mouse on Cheese Bookends

So this set isn’t “me” at all, but it has my husband written all over it.  Anything with dragons pretty much does it for him.

Dragon & Knight Metal Art Bookends

These license plate bookends are fun and I happen to have old license plates lying around so I might just give these a shot.


If you have a child, or if you’re a child at heart you’ll love these Mario bookends.

Mario bookend

What I really want for downstairs in our living room is some agate bookends.  They come in a variety of colors.  I prefer the white/brown natural tones but I think ones like this one are pretty too.

Agate Bookends – Teal

My favorite, not to mention a way to kill two birds with one stone, would be these fish bowl bookends.  (I really want fish in our house too, but with our new additions, we’re waiting on that for the time being.)


Do you guys use bookends in your house?  What’s your favorite place to shop for them?

Window Shopping Wednesday – Pink Chalk Fabric

One of my goals for 2013 was to spend more time crafting.  So far, that’s been a success.  I spent one weekend in January crafting and my February crafting day is coming up soon.  I haven’t actually gotten much accomplished… it’s more like sorting through all of my projects that are in some stage of started and figuring out where to go from there.  I’ve made a few things though.  I promise I’ll show you pictures and what not soon.

I have a bootie-load of fabric in my fabric stash so I’m not actually in the market for more.  I’ve succeeded in not purchasing any for several months now but that’s mostly due to avoiding places like Joann’s like the plague.  Haha.

I did run across this cute little shop called Pink Chalk Fabrics online the other day though (completely by accident, I swear) and I thought we could at least virtually shop for some fun fabric.

This weeks featured shop:  Pink Chalk Fabric

Kokka Nancy Wolff Space Explorers Purple

Space aliens.  On fabric.  I don’t really need to say more about this do I?


Alexander Henry Mecca For Moderns Mercer Park Grey

I {heart} this fabric.  So modern.  Lovely colors.  Come home with me!


Keiki Mind Your P's and Q's Forest Critters Cream

Forest Critters.  Eek!  So cute!

Cloud9 Fabrics Happy Drawing Too Dachshund

Dashshund fabric.  Come on now!  AND in sweaters.  Cuteness overload.


Etsuko Furuya Echino Fall Collection 2012 Acacia Natural

I’m going through a bit of an elephant phase right now.  Can you guess why I love this fabric?  😉


Kokka Dutch Door Press Matryoshka Dolls

I think this fabric is just precious.  I have no idea what I’d make using it but I love it.


Laurie Wisbrun Olive The Ostrich Olive Pink

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day – this fabric would be so cute used in your Valentine’s decoration for next year.  Perhaps made into a dish towel?


Patty Sloniger Les Amis Socks the Fox Aqua

Oh holy mother… I think I just cheated on my husband.  I want, I need, I ADORE this fabric.  *DROOL*


Patty Sloniger Les Amis Turtle Parade Teal

Speaking of my husband… ya’ll know we have a thing for turtles in our house… (see here and here)


Patty Young Textured Basics Hexies Multi

I love these hexies!  It’s like paper piecing without all the work!


Tula Pink Salt Water Sea Stripes Aqua

The movement in this is just exquisite.


Oh my.  Now I want to go fabric shopping.


Window Shopping Wednesday – Woolly Fabulous

I cannot remember how I found this shop but OMG I’m in love.  I just want to order one of everything and call it a day.  Odile, the owner, has wicked talent.  I’m super jealous!!  There will definitely be some of these babies purchased for some lovely ladies I know, and perhaps all of them a few for myself as well.

This weeks featured shop:  Woolly Fabulous

I know that Christmas just passed but as far as I’m concerned that just means that it’s time to start shopping for this coming Christmas!  I love this felt and zipper holly and berries brooch.  What a unique way to spread some Christmas cheer!!!

Felt and zipper Holly and berries brooch

Isn’t this felt and zipper bee brooch just the cutest thing?  If you have a friend who is an elementary school teacher I think they’d absolutely adore this!

Felt and zipper bee brooch

Ok… mom?  Husband? Are you reading this??? This white felt and zipper bird brooch really needs to find it’s way into my stocking next year ok?  Please?  (she’s got several other colors and types of birds available but I call dibs on this one!)

White felt and zipper bird brooch

Know someone that sews?  I bet they’d love this whimsical felt and zipper mushroom pincushion.  Even better, it could double as an ornament with that nifty loop at the top.  Eek!  So cute!

Felt and zipper mushroom pincushion or ornament

There’s even a red mushroom (a la Mario Brothers) felt and zipper pincushion/ornament.

Felt and zipper mushroom pincushion or ornament 2

This one of a kind felt and zipper flower brooch could be worn even in the most buttoned-up work environment.  Wouldn’t this bring just the right pop of color and FUN to a boring black business suit?

Felt and zipper flower brooch

Are you into the owl trend or do you know someone who is?  I think just about every teenage / college-age girl on the planet would love this brown felt and zipper owl brooch.  I love the little touches she adds like the little heart branch that this owl is perched on.

Brown felt and zipper owl brooch

There are lots of other nifty goodies and amazing eye candy over at Woolly Fabulous so make sure you go check out her shop today!

Window Shopping Wednesday – Paper Source

Ya’ll!  OMG!

I cannot believe I’ve been in the dark about the complete and under faboulousness that is Paper Source up until today!


I totally just blew some $$$ in there.

This weeks featured shop:  Paper Source

The very first thing I saw (and adored) was this Hedgehogs Valentine Card Kit.  SO STINKING CUTE!

Hedgehogs Valentine Card Kit

I came. I loved.  I bought.  This 2013 Paper Source Wall Art Calendar should be considered art.

2013 Paper Source Wall Art Calendar

What little boy do you know who would love to receive a gift wrapped in this Nautical Wrapping Paper?

Nautical Wrapping Paper

I didn’t know I have a thing for hedgehogs but come on!  How precious is this Hedgehogs Wrapping Paper?

Hedgehogs Wrapping Paper

I love the sophisticated take on this whimsical print.  This Goldfish Wrapping Paper will be gracing some presents soon!

Goldfish Wrapping Paper

I think these Ladybug Clothespins would be a fantastic addition to any Valentine’s goodies that you’re planning on handing out.

Ladybug Clothespins

Aren’t these Rifle Journals just lovely?  They’d make a great hostess present.

Rifle Journals

Again with the hedgehogs.  I so badly wanted these Hedgehog Magnets but I didn’t buy them.  I’m hoping some little elf will put them in my stocking next year.  Or maybe in my birthday box?

Hedgehog Magnets

This Obsessive Chef Cutting Board totally cracked me up because my husband is the resident ‘chopper’ in our house and always gets stuck chopping vegetables for me.  He’s always asking me exactly what size I want them chopped.

Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

I fell in love with several of their rubber stamps.  I might just have to buy some of these babies if I ever get into card making (or something else equally as fun and creative that uses stamps).

Here are some of my favorites:

Fox Rubber Stamp

Fox Rubber Stamp

School of Fish Rubber Stamp

School of Fish Rubber Stamp

Whale Rubber Stamp

Whale Rubber Stamp

Giraffe Rubber Stamp

Giraffe Rubber Stamp

p.s.  Happy Birthday mom!  I LOVE YOU!

Window Shopping Wednesday – EcoForest

So technically this isn’t really a ‘window shop’… it’s more like a “Hey!  This is cool!”

I had a really nifty shop lined up for today but I just found out the vendor is on vacation until the 12th so I figured I’d postpone that shop until the 16th and show you this nifty product this week instead.

This weeks featured shop:  EcoForest

Have you ever gone camping and wanted to have a fire but didn’t want to do all the work associated with it?  Or, do you have a wood-burning fireplace in your home and you just don’t want to deal with a huge pile of ashes for one night worth of warmth?

Well, this super-nifty product from EcoForest called the Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log might be the solution!

Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log

According to their website Bonfire is a new and unique product, for use indoors or out. It is an all natural birch stump, kiln dried and engineered to light with one match. The Jumbo burns more than 2 hours, while the standard can be enjoyed for more than 1 ½ hours.

Set it in a fireplace, firepit, or take it when you travel to the beach or a campground. It’s the easiest bonfire you will ever light, cook over, and enjoy for hours.

The standard log costs only $9.29 and I think that price is awesome.

Stay warm people!

Window Shopping Wednesday – AlleyKids

I think people with computer graphic talent are so blessed.  I wish I had that gift.  I totally don’t.  Susan, the owner of the Etsy shop AlleyKids is one of those amazingly talented people.  Let’s check out some of her goodies shall we?

This weeks featured shop:  AlleyKids

I love this Forest Woodland Animal Art.  I think this would be adorable if you were doing a camp/cabin-in-the-woods themed room for a little boy.

Forest Woodland Nursery Art Animal Prints

Or, if you don’t have kids, there’s always this Deer Art Print that you could use for the Christmas season (yes please!).

Deer Art Print

This Alphabet I Love You Poster would be great for a kids room or, depending on the color you choose, just about anywhere in your house.

Alphabet I Love You Poster

This Jungle Animal Alphabet Poster is what led me to this shop in the first place.  It comes in a variety of colors and I just think it’s super cute.

Jungle Animal Alphabet Poster

I have absolutely no idea why, but this adorable Lion Print of just the lion’s bootie makes me smile.

Lion Print

All of these come in a variety of colors so if you’re not just loving the colors I’ve featured please don’t let that deter you.

Thanks for shopping with me today!

Window Shopping Wednesday – Aldo

Even waaaaay back in the day when I was ‘skinny’ I still had huge calves.  I’m not sure if this is just genetics or if it has to do with my swimming background and now, the fact that I wear heels 5 days a week.  Nonetheless, I’ve never been able to wear boots.  And this makes me super sad because I love them.  I was out doing some shopping the other day and went into to Aldo with a friend and ran across a pair that I just adored on sight.  I thought I’d share some of my favorite boots with you today.

This weeks featured shop:  Aldo

Here’s the pair I fell head over heels in love with.  They’re called Caltabiano.


These Fastrost boots would look great with a pair of jeans and a button down shirt.


These Elumina boots would be great paired with a floral print dress, tights and a cardigan (a la the picture below).



I think a staple in any ladies wardrobe should be a pair of formal black boots.  This Wiegel boot fits perfectly!


These Cowher boots are just fun.  Rocker-chic at it’s best.


I love the rouching on these Chicoa boots.


If I lived somewhere where the weather was cold enough to necessitate cold-weather boots then I would definitely be bringing this Laske pair home with me.


Thanks for shopping with me today!